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11 Kenyan celebrities with unbreakable father-daughter bonds

11 Kenyan celebrities who share a special bond with their daughters

Abel Mutua & daughter Mumbua, Kennedy Rapudo & his daughter, Robert Burale & daughter

When it comes to parenting, there's no one-size-fits-all approach. However, some celebrity fathers have shown exceptional love and care towards their daughters, leaving us in awe.

As we celebrate these bonds, we can't help but acknowledge the efforts and dedication of Kenyan celebrity dads.

Though parenting is no easy feat, these dads have raised and continue to raise their daughters with love, support, and guidance and have set an excellent example.

Join me as we examine some amazing Kenyan celebrity dads who make raising daughters look effortless and cool.


Pascal Tokodi is completely enamoured with his daughter, AJ, and cherishes their precious moments together.

It is evident from his social media posts that Pascal holds an immense affection for his baby girl and is willing to go to great lengths to ensure her happiness.

Ever since AJ entered his life, Pascal has consistently conveyed his overwhelming joy and made a heartfelt commitment to prioritise her happiness.


Apart from his drama with socialite Amber Ray, Kennedy Rapudo is also known for being a warm, loving dad if the pictures and videos shared on social media are what to go by.

The businessman currently celebrated his daughter's birthday in style and promised to love her always.

"Being your father is the greatest blessing I have ever received. I’ll always do my utmost to see that you’re happy, and I’ll continue to be your biggest supporter until the end of the day. Happy birthday, Savoune," he sweetly penned.


Nameless, an unapologetic girl dad who recently welcomed a third daughter with his wife Wahu, has often shared the tight bond between him and his precious daughters.

Nameless has shown how easy it is to bond with daughters, especially from how he relates with his eldest daughter Tumi, who seems to share everything.


The singer looks adorable with his three girls, whom he is proud of.

Kenyan singer and father of five, two boys and three girls, has always shown his love for his daughter in beautiful moments.

The 'Mambo ya Mhesh' hitmaker has posted photos of himself with his two daughters, Mueni and Heaven Bahati.


The photo photos capture a sweet father-daughter moment.

Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko and his last-born daughter Sandra Mbuvi have a farther daughter bond to die for.

Both Sonko and her daughter have often celebrated each other, with Sandra citing that his dad is her role model and she would want to be exactly like him in the future.


Singer and father of two Brown Mauzo have also shown love for his one-year-old daughter Asia Brown.

Mauzo has recently stepped twinning in the same outfit with Asia in beautiful photoshoot sessions.

"A father holds his daughter's hand for a short while, but he holds her heart forever," Brown posted.


Veteran gospel singers Abel Amunga and Ruth Matete have consistently shown that strong farther daughter bond, especially when they come to sing together.

According to Ruth, her father is her role model. He advised her to embrace and sing with her deep voice.


Otiende Amolo is non doubtedly a household name in Kenya because he is one of the most sought-after lawyers. He is also a father of six, two boys and four daughters whom he adores.

He has, on various occasions, shared photos of bonding with his adorable daughters.


Movie producer Abel Mutua and his daughter Mumbua have a strong father-daughter bond. Their fans love the two as they share moments online.

It is easy to see how she looks up to him as a strong father and mentor in her life.

Mumbua has revealed that Abel has been helping her navigate school life, and she adores him for it.


Stylish Nairobi pastor and motivational speaker Robert Burale is an amazing father of a teenage daughter.

The articulate preacher, who doubles as an inspirational speaker, always showers praise on his daughter, who is also his great friend


The paternal bond between Ted and his daughter is strong and unbreakable.

The Kenyan creative director has always shared their precious moments like taking his only little bundle of joy, Jameela Wendo, to school.

His vast experience as both a mum & dad has helped him to gain experience in raising her only daughter, who was only three months when her mother passed on.


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