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I will doubt you less next time - Linus Kaikai tells Sonko after 2 years

Linus Kaikai spoke for the first time about a meeting with Sonko, in which the former governor showed him a recording that was too surprising to believe.

Royal Media Services Director of Innovation and Strategy Linus Kaikai in studio

Royal Media Services Director of Innovation and Strategy Linus Kaikai has divulged details of a past meeting with former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, who wanted to submit incriminating material about High Court Judge Juma Chitembwe.

He recalled the day when Sonko walked into his office with documents and audio recordings to support his claims of corruption in the Judiciary.

Kaikai stated that the contents of the recordings read like cruel fiction and were difficult to believe at the time.

My pinch of salt graduated to a handful when Sonko played the recordings of what now turns out to be the true account of the conduct of Justice Said Chitembwe,” the journalist recounted.


Sonko would eventually publish the evidence in his social media channels in 2021.

However but Sonko's evidence was eventually confirmed by a tribunal appointed to probe the judge.

According to the tribunal, Justice Chitembwe acquired a beneficial interest in a parcel of land that was subject to a case he was presiding over, conducted himself inappropriately in the impeachment case against then-governor Mike Sonko, and received money in both cases.


The tribunal also established that another judge received Sh30 million to deliver judgment on behalf of justice Chitembwe in a case involving the same parcel of land.

The tribunal findings have raised serious questions about the integrity of the judiciary, with Kaikai asking whether Justice Chitembwe was just the tip of the iceberg and who else might be involved in corruption in the Judiciary.

He also advised the Judicial Service Commission and Chief Justice Martha Koome to determine how many more judges were involved in underhand deals.

While concluding the story, Kaikai gave credit to Sonko, saying that the next time he won’t be as doubtful.


To Mike Sonko who the social media dismisses as a recording artist, keep pressing that red button. I will doubt you less next time,” Kaikai spoke.

After investigations into the conduct of Justice Said, the tribunal recommended his removal from office after submitting the report to President William Ruto.


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