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Jacque Maribe's Biography: Education, TV career, relationship with Jowie & murder case

Jacque Maribe's Biography: Education, TV career, relationship with Jowie Irungu, drama with baby daddy & connection to Monica Kimani murder case

Jackie Maribe

Jacque Maribe, a prominent media personality in Kenya, has captured the attention of audiences with her charisma and journalistic prowess.

From her early days in the newsroom to her entanglement in high-profile controversies, Maribe's journey is marked by both professional success and personal challenges.

Born Jacque Wanjiru Maribe on December 18, 1989, Maribe hails from Murang'a County, Kenya. Raised in a middle-class family, she exhibited a passion for storytelling and communication from a young age.


Maribe pursued her education at a local high school before enrolling at the University of Nairobi, where she pursued a degree in Journalism and Media Studies.

Maribe's career in the media industry began to flourish during her university years. She honed her skills as a journalist through internships and freelance opportunities, eventually catching the eye of industry insiders.


In 2009, Maribe landed a coveted position as a news anchor at Citizen TV, one of Kenya's leading television networks.

Her captivating presence on screen and sharp reporting style quickly made her a household name.


Despite her professional success, Maribe's life took a tumultuous turn when she became embroiled in a highly publicized legal saga.

In 2018, Maribe found herself at the center of attention following her romantic involvement with Joseph Irungu, popularly known as Jowie.

Their relationship garnered widespread media attention, especially after Jowie was implicated in the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani.

Maribe's connection to Jowie thrust her into a whirlwind of legal proceedings and intense scrutiny from the public and media alike.


She faced charges related to the murder case, leading to a dramatic series of court appearances and media spectacles.

Throughout the ordeal, Maribe maintained her innocence, proclaiming her unwavering support for the judicial process.

After a series of postponements, the court presided over by Justice Grace Nzioka, dropped the murder charges against Jacque Maribe.

Amidst the legal drama, Maribe faced personal challenges, including the complexities of motherhood.

She welcomed a son, Zahari, into the world, bringing both joy and added responsibility to her life.


Maribe's journey as a single mother navigating the intricacies of fame and adversity resonated with many, showcasing her resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

In addition to her legal battles, Maribe found herself entangled in public drama with comedian Eric Omondi.

The public spectacle surrounding their personal affairs further fueled tabloid headlines and social media gossip, casting a shadow over Maribe's professional reputation.


Despite the challenges she has faced, Maribe remains a resilient figure in the media landscape.

While her television career may have experienced setbacks, her enduring spirit and passion for storytelling continue to drive her forward.

Maribe has expressed aspirations to leverage her experiences to advocate for social justice and contribute positively to society.


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