I'm done having babies - Jemutai addresses Prof. Hamo's apology

Jemutai answers whether she forgave Hamo.

Jemutai with her Kids

Stella Bunei Koitie popularly known as Jemutai the comedian has finally broken silence on Professor Hamo’s apology after their controversial public feud.

She was responding to a question and answer session on Instagram where one of her followers asked whether she had forgiven the former Hot 96 presenter, to which she responded "Yes"

Jemutai also stated that she doesn't plan on having any more children in the future. “I am done having babies,” she insisted.

The mother of two who will be turning 30 on May 29 said that she is also thinking about getting back to the comedy industry.

She now lives in Kitengela with her children from where she shoots content for her YouTube channel which currently has 7,000 subscribers.

She recently described her most embarrassing moment in a video she recorded with her best friend.

“Back in college we were walking in town around the building that used to host Tuskys Pioneer which had an uncovered sewage manhole. I tripped and fell inside and a man who had seen me fall asked whether I wanted to bring the town down,” she recalled.

Hamo’s Apology

On May 18, Hamo issued a public apology over the drama and embarrassment the scandal had caused to his wife Zippy, children and former colleagues at Hot 96 FM.

“Life has a way of forcefully instilling wisdom into someone. A lot happened, so much was said, both positive and negative in the same breath. If an apology is to be made then it should be soul searched, true, and from deep down.

"Apologies are made when someone realizes and owns up to their mistakes.

"I had to go back to my family and make good with them otherwise all this would have been a facade. We are patching up things, not there yet but headed there by His grace” wrote Hamo in Part.

“A big thank you to Jemutai for agreeing for us to sit-down and have a peaceful discussion on how we are going to raise our kids. A special thank you to Zippy you still accommodated me despite my shortcomings,” he added.


Hamo’s apology was preceded by the release of DNA results that confirmed he was the father of Jemutai’s children.

She also revealed that Hamo had agreed to pay school fees for their first born and had already given the required amount, which she has paid to the school.

The public fall out between Hamo and Jermutai was brought to an end by Mwalimu Churchill.

“We have had a long cordial talk with Hamo & Jemutai and agreed to deal with the matter privately and find an amicable solution..in the end the kids have to win. Have a blessed Sunday,” said Churchill.


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