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Jovial says she is done being a good person

Jovial says having a good heart is like being cursed

Singer Jovial

Singer Jovial took to her Instagram account to express that she was done trying to be a good person as it had become draining for her.

According to Jovial, she stated that she has always been the one giving, yet she never received anything in return.

"I've been giving for years forcing people to like me and forcing friendships but I'm done. It's draining," Jovial wrote.


She further expressed that the situation is particularly draining, especially for an artist, as they often give so much until they have nothing left to give.

Jovial also noted that people will dislike or criticize you for saying "no" simply because they have become accustomed to you always saying "yes."

"They don't like you, they like what you offer! Wahitaji tu kidogo, they are never available!" Jovial wrote.

She concluded that being a good person often feels like a curse because despite making others happy, you might end up suffering in the process.


Jovial expressed that people tend to recognize and appreciate your goodness only after you're gone, as they will only speak of how good you were then.

She expressed that it can be disheartening to realize that the recognition and acknowledgment of your goodness may come too late, and you may have to endure personal struggles along the way.

Afro-fusion music singer Jovial had the heavens to thank after a minor accident that will take some time to rest.


The singer through her Instagram stories revealed that she had a fall but had her team come through for her in time and is now slowly recovering.

The fall which she did not specify where it occured was however foreseen as she had been complaining of being unwell for some time.

“My body is overwhelmed today, I have fallen like I have never before, I don’t know what would have happened if I was alone. Yesterday I lightly told my team that I was not okay but I would just be okay,” Jovial narrated.

The singer further said she will release music she was slated to release on a later date and could even do a double release just to compensate for the lost time.


“I am sorry, I was to drop a new vibe but I will push it to next week, if possible I will do a double release, I will be off social media if urgent email my management,” Jovial noted.

Jovial also appreciated the chance to be alive saying her instance was an example of how people shutdown without giving any signs.

“This is how people just shut down, today you are okay tomorrow you are gone,” she noted.

Jovial recently opened up about having more male friends than females in her circle.

The singer said male friends were relaxed and had little in mind compared to their female counterparts. Jovial said female friends were toxic and hardly ever appreciate each other.


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