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'Machachari' actor Joy shares 3-year frustrating wait before landing new role in film

Joy Ohon felt frustrated that her acting career came to a halt after the end of the popular TV show 'Machachari' in 2019.

'Salem' actress Joy Ohon

Actor Joy Ohon, who played the role of Almasi's younger sister in 'Machachari', has shared the struggle she went through as her career stagnated when the popular show wrapped in 2019.

Joy began her on-screen career at a young age but the period when things were not moving almost made her give up on her acting career.

"My acting career began at 'Machachari' before it plateaued. Honestly, dealing with rejection after rejection really demoralized me.

"My parents and circle, however, kept encouraging me how talented I am, I held on to the little hope I would summon, but guys it was running out!" Joy wrote.


Despite facing multiple rejections that left her demoralised, Joy found the strength to persevere with the support of her loved ones.

On a significant day in March 2023, Joy took a leap of faith and recorded the monologue for the character of Rubi in the popular drama series 'Salem'.

Fearing rejection, Joy almost deleted the message containing the recorded clips. It took a confidant to remind her that blocking rejection could also block potential opportunities.


With a newfound determination, Joy resisted the urge to erase her efforts and faced the possibility of disappointment head-on.

"On 2nd March 2023 in the evening I was with my closest friend when I decided to finally record the monologue for Salem.

"I told her let's just pray about this before we start, we took over 6 tapes and I was getting frustrated cause this girl was like “eh Rubi is mean and sassy be more sassy !” And I literally wanted to beat her," Joy said.

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Weeks later, the phone call she had been longing for finally came. The news was life-changing – Joy had landed the role of Rubi in 'Salem'.

With this triumph, she made a commitment to herself: investing in her craft, embracing the lessons from rejection, and finding gratitude in every aspect of her journey.

Rubi's unapologetic attitude and self-assuredness struck a chord with Joy. Playing this character became more than just acting; it was an exploration of her own ego.

Rubi taught Joy the importance of being unapologetically herself and choosing her own path without succumbing to people-pleasing tendencies.


In her post, Joy extends heartfelt gratitude to her family and inner circle for supporting her during moments of doubt, she encourages others not to give up on their dreams.


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