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Kabi's sister Vero finally reveals why she chose Diana B over Milly Wa Jesus

Veronicah Kabi posted Diana Bahati and acknowledged her as her role model

Veronicah Kabi

In a recent YouTube interview, Kabi Veronica, the sister of popular content creator Kabi Wa Jesus, has addressed rumors and clarified her relationship with her sister-in-law, Milly Wa Jesus.

Vero emphasized that there is no bad blood between her and Milly, despite her choice of Diana Bahati as her role model and favorite content creator.

During the interview, Vero who is also a content creator expressed her admiration for Diana Bahati, stating that a role model doesn't necessarily have to come from the same country or family.


She explained that her selection of Diana as a role model should not be misconstrued as competition between her and Milly.

"You know role model hata si lazima atoke kwa country yenu. I guess coz Diana pia anajulikana watu wakadhani sasa ni competion. Ni watu walileta hiyo competition. Mi nilieka tu juu i love Diana," she said.

Vero believes that people created this competition in their minds, but she holds Diana in high regard because of her career accomplishments and genuine personality.


"I love her in terms of her career and personality. I have been watching Diana from kitambo, the way ako. Ni mpoa na maids wake. Like ni mtu tu roho safi," she said.

Contrary to any assumptions, Vero clarified that she and Milly have a good relationship, even though they may not communicate frequently due to their busy schedules.


She described Milly as a good sister and a talkative person, which she sees as positive traits.

Addressing the rumors surrounding her family, Vero defended her brother Kabi, stating that he has never neglected their family as some netizens had assumed.

She expressed frustration at the false claims that Kabi focused solely on Milly's family and neglected his own.


According to Vero, these allegations were baseless, as nobody from their family had ever made such statements.

"When you stay with God and your parents are still working hard, you're okay. So sisi hatuna shida yoyote. Hii ni watu walisema, sio sisi, " she said.

She emphasized that their family is not facing any hardships as some rumors suggested, and that these were merely falsehoods spread by others.


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