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Kate Actress gives in-depth reasons why women should stick together

Kate Actress has shared a post that gives women a reason to support each other

Kate Actress

Popular actress and social media influencer Kate Actress has taken to her Instagram page to share an empowering message with women who do not support their fellow women.

In her message, she highlighted the importance of women supporting and uplifting each other in a world that is often hostile to women.

Kate emphasized that being a woman should be reason enough to support each other.


Kate warned against the belief that some women are immune to mistreatment of other women in their culture, family, or society which she said is a dangerous and untrue idea.

"The worst thing you can ever do as a woman is to believe you are different from other women. That the mistreatment of other women in your culture, family, and society at large will never affect you. reads the post in part.

Kate also debunked some common myths that many women believe makes them better than others which is untrue.


She said some women think education can protect them from challenges faced by other women. The actress however pointed out that having advanced degrees doesn't ensure safety from discrimination, harassment, or violence.

Similarly, some women believe that their perfect choices, beauty, or access to certain people will save them from the challenges faced by other women. According to Kate, these things are not a shield against oppression, and women should not use them as an excuse to distance themselves from other women.

"You 'other' yourself and think your education will save you. you think your perfect choices in life will save you.

"You think your beauty will save you, maybe you even think access to certain folks or wealth will save you. But my love, you are a woman," she highlighted.


Instead, Kate's message encouraged women to stand in solidarity and use their privilege and resources to uplift other women.

She urged women to be each other's support system, to speak up against injustice, and to celebrate each other's achievements.

Kate Actress is a prominent figure in the entertainment industry and has used her platform on several occasions to speak up on issues affecting women.


Her message comes a day after women all over the world celebrated International Womens Day.


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