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Rapudo's side of the story: It was a 1-time incident, we were both drunk

Kennedy Rapudo blames 'moment of weakness' for the issues with his fiancée and mother of his child Amber Ray

Amber Ray's fiancé and baby daddy Kennedy Rapudo

Businesswoman and social media influencer Amber Ray recently made headlines when she alluded to facing a challenging time in her marriage.

While details surrounding the incident were initially private and some fans believed she was clout chasing, Amber Ray's fiancé and baby daddy Kennedy Rapudo, has confirmed that they separated after an incident that occurred on October 13.


In an attempt to address the public's curiosity and provide clarity about their relationship, Kennedy Rapudo took to Instagram on the night of Sunday to speak openly about the events that led to their separation.

The father of three began by acknowledging the intense public scrutiny surrounding their marriage, acknowledging that like any other marriage, they had their ups and downs.

"There's been so much activity concerning my marriage in the public domain these last couple of days. Like any other marriage, we've had our moments of ups and downs and ours isn't perfect either. A lot has been said but I've not had the strength to address it," he wrote.


Kennedy revealed the cause of their separation, indicating that it was an isolated incident that took place on the night of October 13, a night when both were under the influence of alcohol.

"Yes, we've separated over an incident that happened while we were both drunk on the night of 13th of this month. It's an event that should have never happened and I feel very sorry and in deep regret that it happened mostly to the person that I swore to protect and love with all that I had," he wrote.

The businessman expressed profound remorse for the event, particularly for the impact it had on Amber Ray, the person he had pledged to protect and love unconditionally.


Amid the unfolding drama, Kennedy Rapudo emphasised that this single incident should not be used to define his character.

He asserted that he is not a violent person and will never condone domestic violence or gender-based violence.

"What caught me by surprise is the manner in which the writer chose her words! One single isolated incident doesn't mean that I'm a violent person - I've never been and I'll never be!" he wrote.


In addition, he highlighted his role as a father, raising two beautiful daughters and advocating for a peaceful and loving environment.

"I'm raising two beautiful girls and I will never advocate for any domestic violence or Gender Based Violence. I am man enough to admit when I'm in the wrong and on this one particular incident, I was in the wrong but it doesn't change who I am," he wrote.

Kennedy concluded his message with a direct apology to Amber Ray, acknowledging his wrongdoings and expressing his deep regret for the moment of weakness that led to their separation.

"I will continue raising my children the best way I can and fight for my family off the media. To the mother of my beautiful daughter, I am deeply sorry & sincerely regret my action in that moment of weakness," he wrote.


On October 13, Amber Ray shared her experiences and feelings regarding the challenges in her marriage.

She discussed the erosion of love and unity that should form the foundation of any marriage.

It had reached a point where staying in the relationship left her drained, indicating that the environment was no longer conducive to her peace and safety.


The mother of two also alluded to the tough times she anticipates shortly but remained committed to her well-being and her family's future.

Her message conveyed the idea that her family would ultimately overcome this challenging phase, and she would find her path to healing and peace.


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