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Mary Lincon makes 1 wish for the year after scandalous 2022

Lincon was caught up in a scandal that saw her intimate photos leak online

Mary Lincoln

After a scandalous 2022 that saw her become a trend on the internet, gospel singer Mary Lincon has reflected on what she seeks to achieve for the rest of 2023.

In November 2022, Mary Lincon was on the spot after her intimate photos leaked online.

The photos led Lincon to seek prayers in a bid to get repentance, accompanied by fellow gospel artists Shiro Wa GP, Joyce Irungu, Anne Lawrence, Karangu Muraya, and Judie Masila she sobbed heavily in remorse.

Ms Lincon’s viral images are said to have resulted in a major storm in her polygamous relationship with a local vernacular radio station celebrity.


The photos are said to have been leaked and shared by blogger Martha Mwihaki Hinga, who is popular for publicising celebrity scandals, gaining massive followers.

On her Instagram page, Lincon says she now understands what it was like going through hard times and prays for healing and happiness in 2023.

“There is nothing painful than going through a secret storm. A situation whereby people see and believe the smile you show them but they don't know that deep down you are hurting, you are going through a lot and crying to God for his intervention,”


“I pray for you right now, may the Lord deal with all the secret storms you have been facing 2022... 2023 you shall never hide your tears with a fake smile. I speak joy and happiness in Jesus Mighty name!" Lincon wrote.

Lincon is behind Kikuyu gospel songs such as 'Ruhiu Rutuhu' and 'Kamuhari'


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