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TikToker King Tizian puts to rest question that had his family worried

Before his rise to TikTok stardom, Tizian's life was markedly different. From working as a butcher attendant to labouring on construction

TikToker King Tizian

TikTok star King Tizian, known for his captivating content and growing popularity on the platform, has recently found himself at the centre of speculation regarding his appearance and personal life.

Recently, Tizian found himself at the centre of conversations extending beyond the realms of social media, particularly following the tragic demise of Brian Chira, which inadvertently thrust his name further into the spotlight.

However, Tizian is setting the record straight and embracing his authenticity amidst the rumours.

He revealed that his distinct style and appearance have sparked concerns within his own family, with fears arising that he could be a member of the LGBTQ community.


Such worries were compounded by his association with Brian Chira and the content they created together, leading to widespread speculation about the nature of their relationship.

"There's a video we did, and he (Chira) was twerking on the video, so that's where the rumor started," Tizian shared in an interview on Radio Maisha.

Despite the societal pressures and the unfounded warnings his family and friends received, Tizian has remained steadfast in his identity and the friendships he cherishes.


"My family was also worried, but I told them that would never happen, and it is just friendship," he affirmed,

Tizian has also faced questions about whether he uses filters to enhance his appearance in his videos.

In response, Tizian dismissed the notion, affirming that he is genuine on camera and has no qualms about utilizing filters if he chooses to do so.


"It doesn't really bother me they also have filters why not use them its just jealousy, the filters are on my phone and I will use them," Tizian said.

Reflecting on his journey to TikTok fame, Tizian shared insights into his past occupations, which included working as a butcher attendant, a construction laborer, and even a boda boda rider.


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