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Kwambox outlines 4 demands that must be met at her funeral

Kwambox emphasized the importance of preparing loved ones by providing clear plans for how things should be handled in the event of their demise

Kiss FM Radio Host Kwambox

In a surprising revelation, Morning Kiss host Sheila Kwambox shared her thoughts on how she envisions her funeral and the specific requests she would like to be fulfilled.

In a conversation with her co-host Chito Ndhlovu, Kwambox opened up about her expectations, including the number of attendees and the ambience she desires for her final farewell.

Sheila Kwambox emphasized the importance of expressing one's desires for their funeral, ensuring that loved ones are aware of their wishes. She mentioned the potential emotional distress of a grieving partner being comforted by someone unexpected.

Kwambox's remarks highlight the significance of clear communication and establishing boundaries, even when it comes to the final moments of one's life.


Kwambox expressed her desire for a lively atmosphere at her funeral, eschewing sombre TikTok videos in favour of a DJ playing upbeat music.

She envisioned her loved ones celebrating her life with joyful dancing and a positive vibe. Her preference for a DJ reflects her vibrant personality and the desire to create a memorable experience for those in attendance.

With a realistic outlook, Kwambox expressed that she did not expect a large crowd at her funeral. She indicated that she would be content with around 200 people, emphasizing the importance of quality over quantity.


Kwambox's desire for a more intimate gathering suggests her intention to have those who truly mattered in her life present during this significant event.

Kwambox mentioned the inclusion of 'disco matanga' for three weeks. This unique request refers to a period of celebration and remembrance in some cultures.

Additionally, she acknowledged the presence of 'walking demons' in some friendships, further emphasizing the importance of having genuine connections with those who are supportive and trustworthy.

  • There must be a DJ at my funeral, I do not expect people to dance to TikTok videos.
  • I do not expect more than 200 people.
  • There must be 'disco matanga' for three weeks
  • No sombre TikTok videos

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