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KRG says he is godfather to Diana B's child, explains viral dancing clip

KRG the Don has issued a response following a viral video showcasing him & Diana Marua dancing in a club

KRG The Don

Rapper KRG the Don has broken his silence regarding the recently surfaced video featuring him and Diana Marua, the wife of fellow artist Bahati.

The video has generated significant attention on Twitter, with users expressing their concerns and raising questions about the personal boundaries between KRG and Diana.

Throughout the controversy, Diana's husband Bahati appeared unfazed by the proximity and physical contact captured in the video.


In an interview with Nairobi News on July 18, KRG addressed the uproar and shed light on his relationship with Diana, emphasizing their close bond.

Responding to the controversy surrounding the video, KRG defended the nature of their interactions.

He firmly stated that as long as Diana and her husband are comfortable with their relationship and there is mutual respect, it is not for others to judge.


KRG went ahead to explain that he shares a strong familial connection with Diana and her family.

Referring to himself as the godfather of their daughter, Heaven, he emphasized the tight-knit nature of their relationship.


“I am very close to the family. I am the godfather of their daughter, Heaven. We are very tight, and we vibe like brothers and sisters,” KRG explained.

The singer described their interactions as those between siblings, where hugs and shared moments are a natural part of their bond.

He dismissed any notions of a romantic relationship and emphasized the importance of respecting Diana's choices and autonomy.

KRG firmly asserted that Diana is not a small child to be controlled, and people should focus on their own lives.


“Diana is married. I am not her husband. Everyone should focus on their own lives. She is not a small baby to be controlled on how to live her life. I was not drunk not to understand what was happening. We enjoyed ourselves and went home,” KRG said.

The rapper revealed that he is currently not involved in a romantic relationship and is solely focused on his pursuit of financial success.

“I am not dating. I do not have a woman in my life. I am just looking for money and nothing else. I can only concentrate on one thing at a time,” he said.

He expressed his dedication to his career and the drive to achieve his goals.


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