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KRG The Don lectures Simple Boy after online trolling

Simple Boy stated that he is unfamiliar with KRG The Don

Alex Mathenge throws shade at KRG the Don after flaunting Sh10M M-Pesa transactions

Singer KRG The Don has responded to Stevo Simple Boy's allegations that he doesn't know him. KRG didn't take this information well and fired back at Simple Boy in a video shared by YouTuber Nicholas Kioko.

"Wewe Simple Boy labda nikupeleke kwa shamba yangu nikuvalishe kanga ukue kama scarecrow kwa sababu sura yako inatisha sana. Usijaribu sana Simple Boy. Sura yako inatisha sana wewe kujicompare na mtu handsome boy kama mimi.

"[You, Simple Boy, I will make you wear a scarf so that you act like a scarecrow on my farm since your face is scary. Don't try me. Your face is scary, and you can't compare yourself with a handsome boy like me]," KRG said.


Stevo's post on Instagram brought about different reactions online, considering the fast-rising actor once said that people don't know KRG.

"Sio kwa ubaya ama nini, KRG ni nani nimetagiwa sana kwenye Insta na mbona tunapiganishwa sana kimziki?

"[On a lighter note, who is KRG? I have been tagged on Instagram, and why are people trying to fight our music?]," Simple Boy asked.

It's unclear if Simple Boy was trying to recreate the Cassypool debate. Simple Boy has enjoyed a larger fan base in Kenya since five years ago when he emerged with the 'Vijana Tuache Mihadarati' banger, while KRG is still trying to establish his presence in the music industry in Kenya.


Fast-rising actor Cassypool recently trended when he said that many Kenyans don't know KRG The Don. He called various passers-by on the street, and most of them honestly said they don't know the artist.

Cassypool twisted the question by asking what KRG should concentrate on between music and comedy to those who knew the artist, and the common answer was that KRG should shift to comedy.


Cassypool did not stop there, for he once again attacked KRG and told him to stop advising Kenyans on how they should spend their money since he comes from a wealthy family and he really doesn't know the struggles that many Kenyans go through.

To counter what Cassypool was peddling online, KRG said that Cassypool should stop his online nonsense and concentrate on his work.


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