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This nonsense must stop! Lilian Muli fiercely responds to rumours about her love life

Information has been going round that Lilian Muli is open to dating younger men who are broke

Lilian Muli

Lilian Muli, a renowned news anchor at Citizen TV, has expressed her frustration and disappointment with the spread of fake news about her personal life and beliefs by some individuals on social media.

Taking to her Instagram account on Sunday, Muli addressed the issue and called out those who have been using her picture to circulate inaccurate information.

In a straightforward manner, she expressed her disapproval and urged for an end to such falsehoods.

"This is fake. This nonsense must stop!" Muli wrote, making her stance clear on the matter.


The incident that triggered this response involved a picture of Muli wearing a black dress at an event.

Overlaid on the image were words suggesting that she was open to dating younger men who are financially challenged.

"I'm open to dating younger men who are broke," the words read.


Twitter users were quick to share the manipulated image, leading to Muli's name trending on the platform. However, she was far from pleased with the false narrative being propagated.

Muli's witty comeback showcased her irritation with the situation, as she aimed to set the record straight and put an end to the spreading of baseless rumors.

Here are some of the Twitter posts


This was too fast.. Broke guys tumefikiwaaaa..mnipee number ya Lilian Muli - @Waruijoh2

Lilian Muli is being insincere, no marriage between a broke man and a rich woman can work. Maybe she just needs some sexual satisfaction. Remember to Fear women always - @Magwaz3

Lilian Muli is now saying she is open to dating young men who are broke. But at her 20s she was too hot to handle and settle down. She’s now 40 and willing to settle for any man as long he’s breathing Lesson to women here Men get value as they get old, women lose value with age - Allanobare4


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