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MCA Tricky flaunts his almost-finished mansion in Machakos [Video]

The comedian shared the update with his followers in a series of posts on his Instagram page on Sunday.

MCA Tricky house in Machakos

Seasoned Kenyan comedian Francis Munyao, popularly known as MCA Tricky, has flaunted his Machakos mansion, which is still under construction.

The inborn comedian shared the update with his followers in a series of posts on his Instagram page on February 19.

Tricky shared a video where he was walking inside the almost-finished house, capturing almost every corner of the house.

"Weekends are for farm visits and rewind. My new home is dopest," he captioned the video.


The house project situated in Machakos County began in September 2022. MCA Tricky shared the good news with his fans and brought a priest to officiate the ground-breaking process.

“The beginning of greatness! Hustlers getting employment for the next good months! Machakos is home! Oh God, help me!” Tricky stated.


On several occasions, the student of Kenyatta University has shared details of how God uplifted him from nothing to stardom.

According to a post on February 18, Tricky said that education saved him and his family from the jaws of poverty and enabled them to see the light.

Tricky believes in the power of education to bring change and has been working on projects to support other children to get an education.

"Power of education rescued my family and me from the excruciating dungeon of poverty! That one I have to thank God for; at least we saw some light.


"Once bitten, twice shy! God blessed me with the Brand 'Mca Tricky' I am a man on a mission to see that every deserving child gets a chance to better their life through education !" Tricky wrote.

He promised to remain grateful for his fans, who chose to trust and believe in him even when he had given up on himself.

His fellow comedians, content creators, and fans could not hide their excitement and congratulated him on the milestone.


As a child, the talented Tricky loved telling humorous stories in school to cheer his classmates and pass the time.

The last-born son in a family of three launched his career with an impressive skit performance during a form four prayers day. His schoolmates, parents, and teachers positively received the performance.

In 2013, he joined the Barikiwa SetBook Group, which rekindled his passion for acting and prepared him for the tasks ahead.


Following an impressive performance during the auditions, Tricky joined Churchill Show in 2016 and has created a brand name for himself since then.

He has landed several opportunities in the entertainment and media industry, including presenting on two major radio stations in the country, Radio Maisha and Milele FM.


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