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Meet Guardian Angel & Esther Musila's 2 'sons' gifted with powerful vocals

Esther Musila responded to critics who had been urging her and Guardian to have children, announcing that their children have arrived, and she hopes this question won't be raised again.

Guardian Angel and wife Esther Musila

Kenyan gospel singer Peter Omwaka 'Guardian Angel' and his wife, Esther Musila, are beaming with pride as their two 'sons', Sammy G and Deus Derick, achieve a remarkable feat in the music industry.

Guardian Angel couldn't be happier after his song, 'Nimependa Remix,' featuring the two talented artists, soared to the top of YouTube charts.

This success marks a significant achievement for Guardian Angel, who recently revealed that it took him about three years to get to this point.


Over the past two weeks, the song 'Nimependa Remix' has taken the internet by storm, quickly rising to the number position one on YouTube.

Originally performed by Guardian Angel in collaboration with Deus Derick two years ago, the remix has garnered the attention and admiration of millions of fans.

Derick, who has been signed to Guardian Angel's record label, 7 Heaven Music, since 2020, has released several songs under the label.


In contrast, Sammy G is making his debut appearance with 'Nimependa Remix' and has already captured the hearts of many listeners with his powerful vocals.

While the success of 'Nimependa Remix' is evident, some have questioned Guardian Angel's intentions, suggesting that he might be using Sammy G to further his career.

When asked about these claims during an interview with Presenter, Guardian Angel, known for his hit gospel songs such as 'Hadithi' and 'Swadakta' emphasised that as long as he is delivering the word of God, he is not concerned about what others say.


He firmly believes that God intentionally delayed his time so that he could be blessed at this specific moment.

For him, this is his season, and he is determined to do everything he can to restore gospel music to its rightful place in Kenya and beyond.

Sammy G also supported Guardian Angel's sentiments, saying, 'Nobody is using me, and even if it seems that way, we do it for the glory of the Almighty."


Esther Musila, Guardian Angel's wife, shared the joy of their 'son's' success and proudly referred to Sammy G and Deus Derick as her own.

She addressed the critics who have pressured her to have children with Guardian, asserting that their time has come.

With immense happiness, she highlighted that these artists have already been born and have achieved remarkable success.

The unexpected triumph of 'Nimependa Remix' has been nothing short of overwhelming for their family.


Guardian Angel, a prominent figure in the Kenyan gospel music scene, has consistently delivered chart-topping hits over the years.

His dedication to spreading the gospel message through music has earned him a dedicated fan base and numerous accolades in the industry.


For Guardian Angel, his mission is to use his talents to glorify God and make a positive impact through his music.

The acclaimed gospel singer, known for maintaining a low-key lifestyle despite his high-profile celebrity status, made a significant move in June 2020.

He introduced the talented artist Dj Kezz, who became the first artist to be signed under his record label, 7 Heaven Music, following a successful collaboration between the two.

Their collaborative efforts were met with a warm reception from their dedicated fan base.


As they celebrate this remarkable achievement, Guardian Angel, Esther Musila, Sammy G, and Deus Derick look forward to a future filled with more gospel hits and the continuous spread of their faith-inspired messages.


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