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Melody Sinzore opens up on rejecting offers to leave Radio Citizen

Melody Sinzore has worked for Royal Media Services for more than 7 years

Radio personality Melody Sinzore

Over the past few years, the Kenyan media industry has witnessed journalists frequently switching from one media house to another.

Some media personalities have attributed it to the challenging economic conditions, while others point to the desire for better pay, job security, or career growth opportunities.

This trend, however, does not only apply to one radio personality, Melody Sinzore, who has worked with Royal Media's Radio Citizen for more than seven years.


The media personality has shared her reasons for staying put in Radio Citizen for many years despite receiving job offers from other media outlets.

The graduate of Nairobi University has been in the media industry for the past 13 years. On Radio Citizen, Melody has been co-hosting the morning Jambo Kenya show alongside Vincent Ateya, Jaridah Andayi and Inspekta Mwala, who has since retired from media.

Speaking to local media houses on Thursday, melody revealed she has received many job offers from other media houses. Still, she prefers to stay at her current station because it's home.

"Ntakua mnafiki nikisema kwamba sijapata mialiko. Napata mialiko sana. Lakini Radio Citizen ndio nyumbani. Royal Media ndio nyumbani.

"(I will be a hypocrite if I say I have not received any offers. I receive a lot of them. But Radio Citizen is home. Royal Media is home)," Melody said.


According to her, the job offers are indications that she is working and people are noticing and appreciating her work.

"Mialiko ninapata na nashukuru sana. Kwa sababu it only means that people are recognizing what we are doing, and people are happy to associate with me, Melody Sinzore; that's why the offers are coming on the table.

"(I receive offers and I am very grateful because it only means that people are recognizing what I am doing. People are happy to associate with me, Melody Sinzore. That's why the offers are coming to the table)," she said.


For Sinzore, being a media personality is about more than just money. It means you get to fulfil your goals and objectives in life. She confirmed that this is why she loves being at Radio Citizen.

"Wakati mwingine pesa sio kila kitu wajua. Kama una malengo kwa maisha kuna vingi unavyozingatia, kuna vigezo vingi ambavo unaviangalia. Kwa hiyo kwa sasa Royal Media niko vizuri sana.

" But to tell you the truth... as it stands, my heart is at peace at Royal Media Services, and my heart is at peace at Radio Citizen. That is home," she added.

Melody's journey in the broadcasting industry commenced as an intern at KBC in 2010. Her exceptional vocal talent and imaginative flair have since transformed the Radio Citizen show, making it a favourite among listeners.


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