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Mixed reaction as 'Machachari' actor Stella goes topless to raise breast cancer awareness

'Machachari' star Stella's bold breast cancer awareness: A topless message sparks debate

Machachari actor Natasha Ngegie 'Stella'

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a global initiative dedicated to raising awareness about breast cancer, its prevention, early detection, and treatment.

During this crucial month, celebrities worldwide have been actively working to enlighten and educate people about this life-threatening disease.

Among these celebrities, is 'Machachari' actor Natasha Ngegie popularly known as Stella. Shem made a bold move on October 27 to spread awareness about breast cancer, sparking both praise and debate.


In recent snapshots shared by the talented actress, Stella decided to deliver a powerful message by going topless.

While the initial reaction to such imagery may be a surprise or confusion, it was a deliberate and striking move to emphasise the importance of breast cancer self-examination.

Stella attached an inspirational message dedicated to those who have been affected by breast cancer.


She revealed that she has suffered the loss of two dear family members to different types of cancer, highlighting the profound impact that cancer has on both patients and their loved ones.

"This message is for those who have lost and those still battling breast cancer. I've lost two of my dearest family members to other types of cancers. The pain and mental hold it takes on you is unbearable," she wrote.

In her caption, Stella addressed those who have faced the devastating impact of cancer. She urged them to reflect on the memories they have shared with their loved ones, emphasising the importance of appreciating their strength and bravery throughout their challenging journeys.


She encouraged cancer patients not to define themselves by the disease and to maintain a resilient spirit, reminding them that they are more than their diagnosis.

However, not everyone was supportive of Stella's choice to use half-naked photos as a means of raising awareness.

Some of her followers expressed reservations and questioned the connection between her photographs and the message of breast cancer awareness.


carol_muthonie am still trying to understand how cancer and being topless are related...nyinyi watu hamko serious

pinobeauty1 You can still create awareness without being topless, no hard feelings

shidomady237 Excuse me how is this photo related to cancer?


Stella responded to these criticisms with a clarification. She highlighted the insecurities that many women face when breast cancer leads to surgical removal of breasts, and how it can affect their sense of womanhood.

Stella emphasised that her approach aimed to create awareness and provide a source of empowerment for those who may have lost their breasts to cancer.

"Clarification.....This post leans a lot toward creating awareness about Breast cancer. Lots of women lose their breasts to Cancer and it can make you question your womanhood. Now if you have Google please utilize it as I am not the first to do such a shoot to create awareness and for sure won't be the last ... How you take the message is solely up to you," she wrote.


Breast cancer is a serious global health concern. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), breast cancer is responsible for more than 500,000 women's deaths worldwide each year.

Early detection is key to improving survival rates and outcomes for those diagnosed with breast cancer.

Common symptoms of breast cancer include the presence of a lump in the breast, bloody discharge from the nipple, and changes in the shape or texture of the breast or nipple.


Treatment for breast cancer may involve a combination of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery, depending on the cancer's stage and other individual factors.


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