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Mr Seed narrates lasting impact of April accident on his brain

Mr Seed says his life has not gone back to normal, three months after the accident.

Singer Mr Seed

In a video shared by Spm Buzz on July 30, singer Mr Seed narrated the experience he had after being involved in a road accident on April 29.

Seed was with his friends on the Nakuru-Naivasha highway, headed to Nanyuki when he was involved in a road accident.

According to Mr Seed, during the accident, he knocked his head hard on the car, and this has had a negative impact on his life.

He mentioned that the doctor informed him that his brain was injured during the accident, which now affects his ability to pay attention.


He explained that nowadays, he often loses consciousness, and people around him might mistakenly think he is paying attention to something when, in reality, his mind is far away.

He further explained that the blackout spells can last for up to five minutes before he manages to recollect himself.

He mentioned that he now lives in fear, and as a result, his life revolves around staying at home.


After the accident, Mr Seed's life was disrupted, and he opened up about feeling nervous during his recent video shoot, as he hadn't done it in a while.

He mentioned that the experience made him feel like an upcoming artist again, but he also highlighted the valuable lessons he learned from everything that happened.

One of the key lessons he mentioned was about the importance of loving and taking care of his family, along with other personal insights that he didn't explicitly specify.


Seed also expressed his heartfelt gratitude to his wife, Nimo Gachuiri, for standing by his side and supporting him throughout his recovery from the accident.

He described Nimo as the true definition of 'ride or die,' emphasizing her unwavering commitment and loyalty.

Mr Seed provided a much-anticipated update on his health following a tragic accident that claimed the life of his photographer on April 29.


In an emotional Instagram post on Tuesday, May 23, Mr Seed reached out to his fans, urging them to pray for his recovery.

Sharing his struggle with his followers, he described his current state as depressing.

"25 days on this bed not been able to walk or clean myself after the accident. This is depressing. Keep praying for Mr Seed. I will rise again," wrote Mr Seed, expressing his determination to overcome this challenging phase

Following the accident, Mr Seed was advised to undergo a three-week period of bed rest.


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