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Muigai Wa Njoroge's upcoming dowry ceremony for 2nd wife stirs controversy

Muigai, having not formalised his marriage with his second wife, Stacy, is now preparing to fulfill the traditional custom of paying her bride price.

Gospel artist Muigai Wa Njoroge and Queen Stacy

Close associate Karangu Muraya has revealed that renowned gospel singer Muigai wa Njoroge is making preparations to pay the bride price for his second wife, Queen Stacey, in a polygamous arrangement.

Having shared a marital journey for more than five years, Muigai and Stacey's union is set to take another step as the singer readies to fulfill this traditional obligation over the upcoming weekend on August 26.

"Coming Saturday, by the grace of God, we will all gather at Ndeiya Kiambu County, dowry of my great friends Mwangi Wa Njoroge and Stacey......


"Karibuni sana rafiki zangu tusherehekee pamoja na wao..... congratulations my friends," Karangu Muraya wrote.

The comment section revealed a clear divide, with some congratulating Njoroge while others openly criticised him, asserting that he was contravening biblical principles by maintaining two wives despite his role as a gospel artist.

Nimmoh Winnie Second wife ama ??? If yes am happy then congratulations.


A Ya Pos Lakini huyu Dem Ni mature sana...Karen atafute huyu msupa amfunze vile mtu hukaa na bwana ya watu...c kushida ukijipiga kifua na mambo mingi mingi haina miguu...I respect this lady coz ako na heshima zake pia.

Jacinta Nderu Kumbe mtu anaweza rashiria bibi wa pili.

Filda Mbaabu Hapa mm ziko siwezi paka dhambi mafuta how now

Alex Njora Reke nemwo,urimu kwani second wife huwa anaracirio? Yaani tupake dhambi mafuta? Bible imesema mwanaume ataacha mamake na msichana ataacha mamake wawe kitu kimoja,,it does say a mwanaume na wanawake jameni ..tigai mitugoo.


Muigai wa Njoroge, the beloved Kikuyu music icon, exemplified the art of commemorating love on special occasions, especially during the 2023 Valentine's Day.

Taking to his Facebook account, Njoroge shared a collection of photos portraying the shared joy and connections between himself and his wives at a festive event adorned in red hues.

His caption held a sentiment of genuine warmth, as he expressed, "Today is Valentine's Day, and I want to celebrate my remarkable women," accompanied by a soulful Kikuyu poem that added a touch of cultural elegance to the occasion.


On June 14, speculations arose about the dynamics among the trio when Njoroge's primary spouse, Njeri Wa Muigai, was noticeably absent from his birthday celebration.

Online dialogues echoed concerns for Njeri and raised probing inquiries regarding the emotional well-being and equity within the polygamous relationship.


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