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Carol Sonie comments on Mulamwah's 'bestie' pregnancy hint

"Keilah is not my kid wamepata mtoto," Carol Sonie to Mulamwah & his bestie Ruth K.

Carol Muthoni

Ex-lovers comedian Mulamwah and content creator Carol Sonie are back in the spotlight after a hint from the comedian suggested that his best friend Ruth K might be pregnant.

In response, Carol Sonie made a comment that humorously insinuated Mulamwah's impending fatherhood.

On Tuesday, Mulamwah took to Instagram to drop a subtle hint about his bestie, Ruth K, potentially being pregnant.


He mentioned that she has been experiencing morning sickness and playfully asked his fans for their thoughts on the matter.

"Bestie anatapika tapika ma asubui asubui ivi. Shida inaweza kua nini," Mulamwah wrote.


Carol Sonie, who has had her share of publicised" conflicts with Mulamwah, humorously responded to the remarks.

In her comment, she insinuated that Mulamwah might become a father, which playfully references their past disputes concerning whether Keilah is Mulamwah's child.

"Keila is not my kid wamepata mtoto," Carol Sonie wrote.


In a previous interview with Kioko, Carol had mentioned that she did not want to discuss co-parenting issues with Mulamwah, as they had moved on from that phase.

She emphasised that what matters most is the well-being of their daughter, Keilah, and stated that asking the right questions was crucial.

"I feel like the person should be asked the right questions. We all saw that ali deny mtoto wake. It's going to be okay if you ask him the right questions. Like for example is Keilah your kid?" she said.


Asked about her truth about the paternity of Keilah, Carol said, "My kid was denied. How am I supposed to answer that? Haven't you seen her? How does she look? Go back in time, look at how she looks, and you'll find the answer."

Carol Muthoni and Mulamwah confirmed their separation in December 2021.

In an announcement on social media, the mother of one clarified that the two had decided amicably to part ways after a four-year relationship.


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