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Nana Owiti's heartfelt surprise moves her aunt to tears

Nana Owiti's surprise gift leaves both her and her aunt in tears

Nana Owiti & her aunt

Nana Owiti, wife of renowned Kenyan singer King Kaka surprised her aunt by buying land for her.

The heartfelt gesture left her aunt overwhelmed with tears, marking a special moment between the two.

In a heartfelt Tuesday Instagram post, Nana Owiti shared their sweet history, reminiscing about the day they tearfully parted ways after Nana lost her grandfather.


She vividly remembered her aunt's concern for her health, especially her terrible allergy that would occasionally leave her temporarily blind.

The aunt, unable to help, could only comfort Nana as they bid their goodbyes, promising to bring her Elliots bread—a rare delicacy in their village.


Years later, Nana Owiti fulfilled her long-held desire to do something special for her aunt, the woman who had raised her like her own child.

Despite facing challenges herself, her aunt had selflessly provided tender care, love, and support.

Nana handed her aunt a white envelope, and as she opened it to find the title deed inside, tears streamed down her face. Nana lovingly comforted her, assuring her of the depth of her gratitude and love.


Nana Owiti had originally planned to surprise her aunt on Mother's Day, but her aunt's commitments as the Ulinzi Starlets team manager took her to another county.

Undeterred, Nana waited for the perfect moment to express her appreciation. She thanked her aunt for her sacrifices and willingness to go above and beyond to raise her, despite the challenges they faced.

The emotional moment captured in the video resonated with viewers, showcasing the power of love and gratitude within families.


In another heartwarming story, Nana Owiti surprised her primary school teacher and her husband, who had shown her kindness during her upbringing.

As an expression of gratitude, Nana visited her former teacher, delivering gifts to express her appreciation for their acts of kindness.


The couple had generously supported Nana and her aunt, even providing them with fare to travel home to see Nana's mother.


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