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Okello Max addresses fan's criticism of his collabo with Nadia Mukami & Prince Indah

Okello Max emphasised the importance of constructive criticism while also asserting his artistic freedom.

Singer Okello Max

Kenyan musician Okello Max is not one to shy away from addressing criticism head-on, especially when it comes to his artistry.

The talented artist recently found himself in the crosshairs of a fan who took issue with his latest collaboration with fellow artists Nadia Mukami and Prince Indah on the track 'Mali Safi'.

In a bold move, the fan criticized Okello Max for deviating from his usual style and attempting to venture into Afrobeat and Amapiano genres.

The fan urged Okello to stick to his roots and deliver the raw Luo vibes that he is known for.


"Please keep to your normal self this Afrobeat/amapiano aint it give us your raw luo shit," said the fan.

However, Okello Max was quick to respond to the critique, taking to his Insta stories to address the matter directly.

In a statement dripping with confidence, he emphasised the importance of constructive criticism while also asserting his artistic freedom.


"Positive criticism is healthy but there's always a thin line between projecting your own preference and actually trying to make things better. I saw this being projected on my brother @princeindah on our beautiful collaboration with @nadia_mukami #malisafi," said Okello Max.

He then defended his creative choices, stating that he was not going to be confined to one style.

"You find something not tickling your fancy, move on to the next. Sasa Kama huyu hapa ni nani na anaenda wapi?

"Kama ni kijaluo alikuwa anataka si nimeiimba kwa hiyo afrobeat/amapiano, don't try box me. I'm like water, I can be in any form, liquid, solid and steam. Pick your box and sit in it," he pointed out.


This bold response showcases Okello Max's unwavering confidence in his craft and his refusal to be confined by others' expectations.

It's a testament to his artistic integrity and his willingness to explore new sounds and styles, regardless of criticism.

Despite the backlash, the collaboration between Okello Max, Nadia Mukami, and Prince Indah has been met with considerable success.

The track 'Mali Safi' has already amassed an impressive 706K views on YouTube and continues to climb.


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