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Pastor Ng'ang'a expresses dissatisfaction after attending Benny Hinn's Nairobi Crusade

Pastor Ng'ang'a highlighted the seating arrangements which saw him placed away from the main stage

Neno Evangelism preacher Pastor Ng’ang’a

Renowned Kenyan televangelist Pastor James Ng'ang'a recently attended a high-profile crusade led by U.S.-based preacher Benny Hinn, but his experience left him less than impressed.

The event, which spanned from February 24 to 25, saw Pastor Ng'ang'a express his dissatisfaction with various aspects of the gathering.

Chief among his grievances was a perceived lack of respect and recognition. Despite his attendance, Pastor Ng'ang'a felt sidelined, mentioning that he was acknowledged only once during the proceedings and seated far from the main stage.

Additionally, he criticized Benny Hinn's sermon, noting that the preacher seemed to struggle.


Reflecting on his experience, Pastor Ng'ang'a shared his thoughts with the congregation, expressing disappointment with the treatment he received.

"I was there at the meeting yesterday just to see how God uses him," he stated.

"But something went wrong. That person struggled. It was a singer who sang while I was there. I was only mentioned by one person," he added.


Despite his reservations, Pastor Ng'ang'a remained optimistic about the potential impact of his own ministry, expressing a desire to contribute musically to the event.

"I was there and I saw our ministry is ahead. I wished I could be given a guitar to play two songs and see the deliverance that would happen," he remarked, garnering cheers from those present.

The crusade, attended by numerous high-ranking figures including President William Ruto and First Lady Rachel Ruto, also drew scrutiny from other quarters.


Public Service Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria raised concerns about Hinn's commentary on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, calling it one-sided and inappropriate for a national television audience.

"It is wrong to give an Israeli preacher an opportunity to give one-sided views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on National TV and in such a quasi State function," said Benny Hinn.

The crusade, according to the First Lady, was not just an event for spiritual healing and salvation but also a pivotal moment for national encouragement, reinforcing the belief in Kenya's destined prosperity and self-reliance.


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