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Reason Nimo will never introduce her 2nd child to the public

Nimo revealed that she will never introduce her next child to the limelight because of this one reason

Nimo Gachuiri

Nimo Gachuiri, the wife of renowned gospel singer Mr Seed, has expressed her regrets about introducing her young son, Gold, to the world of social media.

In an interview with local media houses on August 29, Nimo shared her concerns over subjecting their innocent child to the harsh realities of online bullying and negativity.

Nimo openly admitted that the decision to showcase her son on social media platforms has come with unintended consequences.


She voiced her worries about the toll it has taken on her child, as he has been exposed to potential bullies and hateful comments.

The experience has prompted her to reconsider her approach, with a promise to exercise caution with her next child.

"If I have another child, I will definitely be more cautious about introducing them to the public eye. I have personally regretted my son's exposure to social media, and I am considering protecting my next child from it," Nimo explained.


Nimo elaborated on her concerns, emphasising that she does not want her child's life to be defined by social media or his status as a celebrity's offspring.

"I have experienced a lot of negativity on social media, and I want to shield my child from that. I want him to be treated based on who he truly is, rather than being judged solely based on his online presence or his famous parents," Nimo said.


While addressing her music career, Nimo assured her fans that she is diligently working on new material, including an upcoming EP.

She gained recognition as a singer with her hit single 'Sina Ujanja,' which garnered significant popularity and views.

"I am thrilled that 'Sina Ujanja' continues to gain traction. The song's increasing popularity means that it has connected with people, which is truly gratifying," she noted.


Looking ahead, Nimo expressed her eagerness to collaborate with various artists within the gospel music scene.

She revealed her intention to collaborate with her husband, Mr Seed, pending approval from his management.


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