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Rev Lucy Natasha explains reason she & her hubby Carmel haven't had a child yet

Rev Lucy Natasha addresses inquiries about the delay in having children with her husband.

Rev Lucy Natasha

Popular preacher Reverend Lucy Natasha has opened up about a topic that has been on the minds of many of her followers: her journey toward motherhood.

Despite being married to her husband, Prophet Carmel, for two years, the couple has not yet had children, making some of her fans question why.

In an interview with Oga Obinna on April 16, Reverend Natasha shared her perspective on the matter, emphasising her belief that children are a gift from God and that His timing is always perfect.


She expressed her desire and prayers for children, acknowledging that while she awaits this blessing, she sees the joy of motherhood in her younger sister Shifra, who is happily married with two children.

"You know that children are a heritage from God. Of course, we have the desire and the prayer. I think that would be one of the greatest blessings from God.

"My younger sister Shifra is married with two amazing children and I see the joy of motherhood in her. So I look forward and aspire that one day God will also bless us with the fruit of the womb," Natasha said.


Reverend Natasha highlighted that children are indeed a heritage from the Lord, and despite any efforts or plans she may have, ultimately, it is God who decides when to bless them with the fruit of the womb.

She emphasised her faith in God's plan, stating, "It is a blessing from God. Children are a heritage from the Lord. You can do the possible na bado... Mungu akitupatie ni sawa. Tubasubiri kwa Mungu," she said.

Additionally, she revealed her aspiration to have two children in the future.


Rev Lucy Natasha and Prophet Carmel's journey

The couple officially tied the knot in a traditional ceremony in January 2022. Lucy Natasha shared joyous moments from the event, expressing her happiness in finding her better half.

The traditional wedding was a vibrant affair, with the couple donning matching cream attire, and it was attended by close friends and family, including notable personalities in Kenya.

Prophet Carmel, an Indian preacher, had proposed to Natasha two months before the traditional wedding during a church event.


Their journey began with Carmel confessing to wooing Natasha through social media.


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