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Vivian finally admits she wasn't ready for marriage when Sam West proposed

Vivian's confession: Marriage to Sam West felt like a hijack

Singer Vivian Kenya

Kenyan musician Vivian recently shared the inside story of her failed marriage with businessman and content creator Sam West.

Speaking during an interview on Iko Nini, the mother of one candidly expressed her reservations about their whirlwind romance, emphasising the importance of being on the same page before tying the knot.

Vivian began by acknowledging that she wasn't prepared for marriage when she first started dating Sam.


Stressing the need for both partners to agree on settling down, she revealed that she had hesitations about taking that big step. She felt that there were vital aspects they needed to explore and understand about each other.

"I had told him about it because a friend had hinted to me, but I felt that there were things we needed to still do together and know each other. You need to be on the same page. I felt like there were so many things that we had not discussed..." she said.


Their relationship took a significant turn in 2017 when, less than a year into dating, Sam proposed live on TV.

Vivian confessed that they had already started their intimacy, yet she believed there were many unresolved discussions.

"We were living in different counties and would stay in each other's house whenever we visited each other. Things were still getting in position," she said.


She expressed feeling somewhat hijacked due to her celebrity status, explaining that being in the limelight often puts undue pressure on relationships.

"When you are a female and you're in the limelight, our men have this thing, like a hijacking. It’s like if I don’t get this chick now someone else is going to get her.

"You look like the prize. Who is going to get you first? I feel that was part of it, but then naingalia tu kama shule," she explained.


Sam and Vivian have been living separately for nearly two years now.

Reflecting on the past, she acknowledged that Sam eventually decided to end their relationship. She recognised that she could not fulfill certain expectations he had, and in some ways, she stopped being his ideal woman.

"He left with a lot of anger. And I think it's because maybe some of his expectations were not met. Just who he wanted me to be… When he left initially I felt like he just needed some time.

"But I think of a time aka realise maybe he just needed to explore himself further. The biggest challenge is expecting someone to be something they are not. At some point, I stopped being his ideal woman," she said.


The breakup was difficult, but Vivian emphasised the importance of ending relationships responsibly and respectfully.

"If you’re going to be responsible for someone, for a woman because you brought me into your life, ensure that you leave us properly coz am in a public space. It doesn’t have to be corrosive. Kama ulini engage the first time, have the decency to disengage," she said.

The 'Chum Chum' hitmaker confessed in a previous interview that although she had forgiven herself and Sam for whatever happened when he left, the business side of her craft fell apart.


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