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How Vera Sidika’s expensive gender reveal party went down, expecting a girl (Video)

Brown Mauzo was not spotted at the Baby shower

Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo

On Saturday, former socialite and Beautypreneur Vera Sidika held an exquisite gender reveal party at undisclosed location in Karen, revealing that she is expecting a baby girl.

The invite only gender reveal party was graced by family members and close friends among them; Eric Omondi, Risper Faith and her husband Brian, Rita Preneur, Aziza Frisby, Amina Amaru, Hazel, Anita, Keysha, Sharon Frisby, Cuppie Ayokya, Manzi Wa Kibera, Esther Mwaka, Khula Budi, Victor Maish just to mention a few.

Moments captured from the shower were later shared on social media by those in attendance, with many welcoming Vera to motherhood.


“BABY DADDY TIPS😎😉 if you want to make a boy you have S#x but if you want a girl you make love... Thank me later @queenveebosset

“BABY DADDY in the house🤰🤰...Do you think it's a girl or a boy??? @queenveebossetwrote Eric Omondi.

“Congratulations Vee welcome to motherhood, the best hood…” wrote Risper Faith.

On July 7th, Sidika said that she was rooting for a baby girl, ahead of the gender reveal party scheduled for July 10, 2021, and indeed her prayers have been answered.

“Gender reveal party on 10th, July 2021. Private location, Karen Nairobi, invites only” shared Vera Sidika.



The Pregnancy

Vera Sidika and her husband Brown Mauzo went public with their pregnancy on June 16, 2021, after keeping the news a secret for quite some time.

Ms Sidika mentioned that ever since they found out that they are going to be parents, her man doesn’t allow her to touch anything in the house. She is treated like an egg.


He cooks, rub her feet, does massage, make sure she eats fruits daily and feeds her by force.


Just the other day, the Businesswoman Vera Sidika revealed that she predicted her pregnancy about three years ago, as she strongly believes in the power of manifestation.

In a 17-minutes video shared on YouTube, Ms Sidika said that she is currently 22 weeks pregnant.


“Remember when I first did my first music video…I had just come from a really bad breakup and I remember very well at the end of the video, I remembering telling the director to put like a random number like 3 years’ year later, am happily married and I’m pregnant. That was on November 10, 2018. That exactly three years ago and guess what my due date is on 5th November 2021. If you do your maths right, that exactly three years later. How powerful is the power of manifestation guys.

It like I prophesied my entire pregnancy and my life, right now it three years later and am happily married and I’m pregnant. That’s exactly what I said three years ago in my Nalia video” explained Vera Sidika.


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