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Thee Pluto reveals long-held secret of incident that left him trembling

Thee Pluto shares how a lady's kiss became a threat to his safety, Felicity Shiru reacts

Thee Pluto & girlfriend Felicity Shiru

Content creator Thee Pluto recently shed light on a long-held secret that didn't sit well with his girlfriend, Felicity Shiru.

In a candid conversation on Felicity's channel, Thee Pluto recounted an incident at an event where a fan's innocent gesture spiraled into a potentially dangerous situation.

It all began during an event where Thee Pluto was enjoying the company of his friends. At this gathering, a particular female fan approached him, and they decided to take some photos together.


However, this seemingly innocent interaction soon took a darker turn. The fan expressed her dissatisfaction with the initial photos, citing poor lighting as the issue.

Seeing an opportunity to rectify the situation, she invited Thee Pluto to a more suitable spot for photos.

"Sasa tuko hii event na mabeshte wangu. Then kuna dem fulani alikuja place tulikuwa na tukapiga picha. Baadaye akakam tena akasema the first pictures hazikutokea poa.


It was during this time that her behavior became increasingly touchy, making Thee Pluto uncomfortable.

"So nikajiexcuse nikaenda naye coz alisema hiyo place haikuwa na lighting poa. Akafungua snapchat akachukua picha, videos and all," he said.

In an unforeseen moment, she kissed him on the cheek. Subsequently, Thee Pluto returned to his friends, thinking little of the incident.

"Alafu kuna vile alikuwa touchy. So, dem akanismooch kwa cheek. Ni ile you don't expect. Si mi nikarudi kwa mabeshte wangu," he said.


A few days later, Thee Pluto's life took a terrifying turn when he received an unexpected message on Instagram from an unfamiliar user.

The message was chilling, as the sender claimed that Thee Pluto's life was in danger. The following day, another sender contacted him from a new phone number, insisting on a face-to-face meeting.

"After kitu kama 2-3 days, boy flani akanitext Instagram akaniambia niogopeshee maisha yangu," he said.


Another person called the next day and accused Thee Pluto of being involved with his family and even threatened to send people to harm him.

"The following day a new number ika nicall akaniambia anataka tubanje. Akaniambia wewe ndo unanikulia dem. Mi nikashangaa," he said.

To further illustrate their point, he shared Snapchat videos, including the one in which the fan had kissed Thee Pluto.

"Akanitumia video za snapchat. Picha kwanza yenye alinismooch. Alafu huyo dem hakuwa amevaa decsent. So the man akaniambia you want to mess with my family. Hadi ananiambia ntakutumia wasee wakumade.


"Kumbe dem alikuwa ameacha huyu jamaa na mtoto kwa nyumba. So alikuwa anadhani dem wake alitoka kucheat na Thee Pluto," he said.

Thee Pluto shared how these threatening messages affected him and admitted that he was genuinely frightened during this period. The thought of someone pursuing him and making serious threats left him feeling uneasy.

"Ushai tense zile za huyu msee anakutishia? In that period nilikuwa nakaa najiangalia nikijiuliza kama nafuatwa," he said.


Throughout this revelation, his girlfriend, Felicity Shiru, seemed not so happy about the situation.

She couldn't help but feel uneasy when other women got physically close to Thee Pluto, particularly during the time he had dreadlocks.

Thee Pluto emphasised the importance of understanding that sometimes photos taken with fans can be misinterpreted.


According to Thee Pluto, this encounter serves as a stark reminder of how the boundaries between content creators and their fans can be blurred.

Even seemingly innocent interactions can have unexpected consequences. He acknowledged the need to exercise caution during photo sessions and to be aware of the potential misinterpretations that may arise from such encounters.


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