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Understanding Sickle Cell: Akuku Danger's emotional farewell to sister

Akuku Danger appealed to everyone to extend support required to gain an understanding of sickle cell disease, especially for young people.

sandra Dacha consoles Akuku Danger after losing sister

In an emotional ceremony held on Sunday, August 14, comedian Akuku Danger and his family paid their last respects to his departed sister.

The news of his sister's passing first reached the public on Wednesday, August 9, when Akuku Danger shared the unfortunate news.

His sister, Merwa, had been battling sickle cell that took a toll on her health.


Photos shared by Akuku on August 14, showcased his family members donning black t-shirts adorned with Merwa's image.

The visual tribute captured the profound loss they were collectively experiencing. Captioning the picture, Akuku penned down heartfelt words,

"Today, we lay my small sister to rest. Go well, little angel, to a better place."


Amidst the mourning, Akuku Danger's sorrow found an outlet through advocacy.

In a moving video he shared on Instagram stories, the comedian touched on various aspects, including his personal connection with sickle cell disease and its impact during his formative years.


He emphasised the need for support, financial contributions, and prayers, particularly for children born with sickle cell. The disease is shrouded in myths and misunderstandings, a topic Akuku aims to demystify.

He expressed the urgency of educating families and communities to dispel misconceptions about the condition.

"We need prayers in terms of support, financial donations, prayers. It might not be me but i want a situation where mtoto mdogo mwenye amezaliwa na sickle cell, can kno how to handle that disease from a very young age, form their parents," he said.


Speaking form his own experience, Akuku disclosed that he had experienced bewildered reactions from friends and relatives upon his birth due to their lack of knowledge about the sickness.

"There are so many myths and misconceptions about this disease that people do not know about. Wengine wanadhani mtoto amerogwa. Hata mi nikizaliwa some friends and relatives walikua wanashangaa huyu mtoto mona ako hivi," he said.

Akuku Danger's girlfriend, Sandra Dacha, was by his side throughout the emotional journey.

Captured in a video, Sandra was seen engaging in a heartfelt conversation with Akuku, offering him comfort through her presence. Her warm embrace and words of condolence provided solace to the mourning family.


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