Vera Sidika fires back at Critics who keep on saying her baby will be dark-skinned (Screenshots)

So you all mean dark skin babies ain’t cute? - Vera

Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo

Socialite cum business woman Vera Sidika as expressed displeasure in critics who keep on reminding her that her kids will still be dark-skinned, despite bleaching her skin a few years ago.

In a number of bitter rants, Ms Sidika fired back at critics, stating that even dark-skinned kids are still beautiful and therefore they will never scare her into not getting a child of her own.

“It’s so irritating when you all write dumb shit like that. I repost whatever I randomly see and find cute. I don’t go looking for these pics. They just show up on my explore. So weather I will get a red, black, green or colorless baby in future that’s none of your business,” shared Vera.

She added; “It’s very unfortunate whenever someone writes , oh your Baby will be dark, ooh he/she won’t be Cute coz he/she will be dark. WTF! So you all mean dark skin babies ain’t cute? It gets me sick to my damn stomach”.

The fight between Sidika and her critics comes at a time she has been reposting cute videos of kids bonding with their parents’, as she confesses of having baby fever.

Just the other day, she quashed pregnancy reports, stating that she could be having like 4 kids by now, if social media claims is anything to go by.

“Waah! Why do people think I’m pregnant though? I don’t understand, y’all say I’m pregnant every year, sijui ni air pregnancy coz by now I should be having like 4 kids for the 4 years of rumours. Maybe I should go on IG live tomorrow so you all can point out where this ‘pregnancy’ is,” said Vera.

Ms Sidika went on to state that she has always protected herself and that’s why she never got pregnant from her previous relationships, adding that she will get a baby when the time is right, asking her fans not to worry as everything is in plan.



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