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Wema Sepetu breaks 6-year birthday break with 4 achievements in tow

Wema has previously chosen to keep her birthday celebrations low-key during her six-year hiatus

Wema Sepetu

Tanzanian actress and former beauty queen, Wema Sepetu, recently made a dazzling return to the birthday scene after a six-year hiatus.

This time, her celebration was not just about the cake and festivities; it was a heartfelt tribute to four significant achievements that have shaped her life during the break.

Wema Sepetu had chosen to keep her birthday celebrations low-key during her six-year hiatus, preferring quiet gatherings with close friends and family.

However, this year, she decided to make a grand comeback, driven by a profound sense of accomplishment.


Speaking about her decision, Wema shared, "Sijasherekea birthday kwa muda kidogo, nimekuwa nkifanya ile i will just chill nkaona this time kwanini nisicelebrate I have everything to celebrate."

One of the achievements that took centre stage in Wema's celebration was her relationship with her boyfriend, Whozu, which began in April 2022. It was clear that love had played a significant role in her life during her break.

In addition to celebrating her romantic journey, the former beauty queen also proudly marked her decision to quit drinking, a milestone she reached in May 2023.


"Nacelebrate maisha yangu, lakini nacelebrate maisha yangu ya mapenzi, nacelebrate mafanikio yangu ambayo nimeweza kuya achieve, nacelebrate kuacha pombe kwangu kwa hivyo nacelebrate vitu vingi, I deserve a celebration," Wema explained.

Wema Sepetu's extravagant birthday party raised questions about the scale of the celebration, especially considering the notion that as people grow older, they tend to spend less on birthdays and invest the money instead.

However, Wema insisted that every day is a reason to celebrate.


"Every day is a reason to celebrate, and the older you grow, the more reason there is to celebrate," she firmly stated,

When asked about her age as she marked this special occasion, Wema opted for a mysterious 'no comment' response, keeping her age a well-guarded secret.

Wema has previously denied any claims of undergoing cosmetic procedures for weight loss to enhance her looks and maintain her young.


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