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Wema Sepetu in tears as she reminisces about her past life [Video]

Wema expresses remorse for the negative actions she committed in the past

Wema Sepetu

Renowned Tanzanian actress, Wema, became emotional as she reminisced about her early days of fame in 2006.

In a heartfelt video shared by Wasafi Media, Wema expressed her vulnerability, emphasizing that she, too, is a human being with a past that she can openly acknowledge.

Wema acknowledged that her controversial history might make it difficult for people to fully comprehend her.


According to Wema, she expressed regret for the negative actions she had taken in the past, acknowledging that they had impacted both her supporters and those who admired her.

She admitted that at the time, she may not have fully realized the consequences of her actions.

However, she emphasized that she has now left those behaviors behind and has grown wiser from her past experiences.


In 2020, actress Wema Sepetu wrote a poignant tribute to the late Steven Kanumba, commemorating eight years since his passing.

Within her tribute, Wema opened up about a difficult and personal topic, revealing that she had undergone two abortions when she was pregnant with the late actor's child.

She candidly shared that the first abortion was a mutual decision between herself and Kanumba.

However, the second abortion was carried out secretly without Kanumba's knowledge. Wema explained that she made the difficult choice to terminate the pregnancies because she believed she was still very young and not prepared to become a mother at that time.


In a heartfelt moment on her Instagram Live in February 2022, Wema Sepetu was visibly emotional as she addressed claims about her financial situation and being out of the limelight.

These claims, specifically regarding her not owning a vehicle, were allegedly made by Aristote Kagombe, a friend of Diamond Platnumz, adding fuel to the fire of public scrutiny.

Tears streaming down her face, Wema expressed her frustration and sadness, stating that she had never spoken ill of anyone or intentionally tried to harm anyone's reputation.


This wasn't the first time Wema had faced harsh criticism online. Back in 2020, she had to delete a video from her Instagram page due to body-shaming comments.

Trolls had targeted her appearance, claiming she was too skinny and insinuating that she had undergone plastic surgery to achieve her weight loss.

In response to these rumors, Wema openly shared that her trip to India had been primarily for fertility treatment, seeking medical advice on how to increase her chances of conceiving.

As part of her treatment plan, she had been advised to manage her weight. Wema firmly denied any claims of undergoing cosmetic procedures for weight loss, emphasizing the personal and sensitive nature of her journey.


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