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Truth about Wema Sepetu pregnancy reports

Wema Sepetu speaks about expecting a child with her boyfriend Whozu

Wema Sepetu

Popular Tanzanian celebrity, Wema Sepetu, has refuted rumours that she is expecting a child with her boyfriend Oscar John Lelo, also known as 'Whozu'.

The former Miss Tanzania stated that even if she were pregnant, she would not reveal it to the public. In an Instagram post, she expressed her desire to have a baby boy and clarified that she would only share the news of her pregnancy when the time is right.

"Angalizo..!!! Kile ni kipindi... I am not pregnant YET...!!! Na hata kama nikishika mnahisi nitasema kweli...? Yaani ndo ile Mungu kasema, "Sasa acha nikubariki tumbo lako Wema," afu PAAP "MIMBA"... Sisemi Ng'o...!!! Ila naitamani jamani... Tuseme Inshallah..."

"[I am not pregnant. Even if I get pregnant, do you think I will talk about it? Like when God says, 'Let me bless your womb' and then I get pregnant, I will not tell y'all. But I wish to be pregnant. Let's all say Inshallah,]" Sepetu said.


Sepetu and Whozu confirmed their relationship in September 2022 when the comedian threw a lavish birthday party for Wema on her 32nd birthday.

The two lovebirds in 2022 announced that they had experienced a miscarriage. Whozu admitted that he was responsible for the disagreement that led to the miscarriage and expressed regret for his actions.

"Wema was pregnant in August. When she was about three months along, we argued and almost broke up. I was the one who was in the wrong and I had gotten angry at Wema and couldn't get myself to listen to her. I wanted to break up with her.


"I didn't know that would affect the pregnancy. I wasn't a gentleman. I love her, and I felt she had hurt me. She begged for my forgiveness, and I couldn't listen. I was given the news that she had a miscarriage," Whozu said in a past interview.

Prior to getting together with Wema, Whozu dated and fathered a daughter with Cappuccino Tunda, a model who was rumoured to have dated Diamond Platnumz in 2018.

On the other hand, Sepetu indicated that she is still actively searching for a child and mentioned that her doctors recommended that she avoid stress and remain on bed rest.


In an interview in October 2022, she disclosed that she and Whozu have been friends for a long time, adding that she had intervened in Whozu's past relationship squabbles on numerous occasions.

At the time, she stated that she was not yet ready to settle down in marriage, but in an apparent U-turn, Wema on Sunday posted a hint to Whozu that indicated she is ready to take their relationship to another level.

Wema has been vocal about her previous relationships with Diamond Platnumz, actors Idris Sultan, and the late Steve Kanumba.


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