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Hawawezi leta Haiti? Samidoh's response to Haiti deployment proposal

Besides his prosperous career as a musician, Samidoh is also a police officer.

Samidoh Muchoki

In a recent social media exchange, popular Luo Benga singer Prince Indah made a suggestion to his friend Samidoh.

He proposed that the sensational Mugithi singer should be considered among the 1,000 police officers slated for deployment to the troubled Caribbean nation of Haiti.

The suggestion quickly gained attention as fans chimed in and gave their opinions.


In his Facebook post on October 24, Prince Indah shared a picture of Samidoh in full police uniform and playfully questioned whether the singer should join Kenya's mission to assist Haiti.

"Ama Samidoh aende tu Haiti?" Indah quetsioned.

Samidoh's response to this lighthearted proposition added to the humor. He threw in a witty response suggesting that they cannot bring Haiti.


"Hawawezi leta Haiti?" he responded.

Besides his prosperous career as a musician, Samidoh is a police officer. However, he primarily focuses on his music career. He has performed in various towns across the country as well as conducting music tours across the globe.

However, questions have arisen about his commitment to his policing duties, especially after announcing his extensive music tour in August 2023.

Observant Kenyans noted that Samidoh was rarely seen on police duty, sparking inquiries about whether he was still officially employed as a police officer.


"Huyu hushika bunduki saa ngapi? Always moving," one curious observer, Bourneh Masai Eva, commented on Samidoh's post.

Samidoh responded to Eva's query with a bit of humor, sarcastically asking her if she was a gun. "Bourneh Masai Eva, are you bunduki? Is bunduki you?" he questioned.


Samidoh's career situation also drew the attention of Kenyan Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, who had some stern words for the singer earlier in the year.

Gachagua addressed the public drama that unfolded between Samidoh's first wife, Edday Nderitu, and his baby mama, Karen Nyamu, in Dubai in December 2022.

The Deputy President voiced his concerns about the embarrassing scenario that played out abroad, which he believed reflected poorly on the nation.

He took the opportunity to offer some unsolicited advice to Samidoh, urging him to manage his relationships better.


Gachagua emphasised that when in foreign countries, it was crucial not to air one's dirty laundry. He suggested that the scrutiny of international media could negatively affect Kenya's image. Therefore, he implored Samidoh to take charge and control the situation.

According to Gachagua, the government would not hesitate to discipline Samidoh if he failed to manage his personal affairs discreetly.

He warned that Samidoh might be restricted from traveling abroad for his shows. If he were allowed to travel, he would have to do so without the company of his significant others.


"Na ukishindwa because you are one of our officers tutakudiscipline, tutakataza wewe kuenda ng’ambo. Ama kama utaenda, utaenda pekeako ndo tusipate aibu," Gachagua sternly remarked.


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