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Willis Raburu's Biography: Age, family, music & rise from internship to stardom

Willis Raburu is a father of two and former Citizen TV presenter

Willis Raburu

Willis Raburu can be described as the epitome of a versatile journalist, having worked as a news anchor, show host at Citizen TV, and even pursued a career as a singer.

Willis Raburu was born on April 1, 1987. Born in the picturesque town of Kano, located in the Nyando District of Kisumu County, he hails from a family of four siblings.

Among them, Willis holds the distinction of being the third-born and the youngest son.


Willis Raburu's father, Peter Raburu, is a distinguished figure who has had a remarkable journey.

Prior to his current role as a pastor in Kisumu County, Peter Raburu was widely recognized as a prominent Provincial Commissioner.

After reaching school-going age, Raburu enrolled at Aga Khan Primary School in Kisumu City. Later, he joined Chemelil Academy High School, a mixed boarding school.

During his time in high school, Willis excelled in his studies. Subsequently, he pursued a Bachelor's degree in Information Science - Media at Moi University.


When Willis Raburu joined the university, his father expressed a desire for him to pursue a degree in Information Technology (IT). However, Willis made the decision to follow his passion for media studies.

It was only after Raburu's graduation from Moi University that his father discovered his son had not pursued the field he had advocated for.

Raburu secured an internship position at Royal Media Services, which he considers to be one of the most pivotal moments in his life. According to him, joining such a reputable organization was a significant milestone.


"The job came at a time when I had been turned down by other local TV stations, they told me I did not have the right type of voice for broadcast,” Raburu said.

Willis was also the face of 'Truth Meter', a segment on Citizen TV that used to air funny content on a weekly basis.

The segment used to air after the news, and it was widely watched because people needed a laugh after a long, tough week.


Raburu joined Citizen in 2010 and left in June 2023, having achieved many things that only many journalists can dream of.

Willis Raburu began his career as a reporter before graduating to the role of news anchor at Citizen TV, where he worked until June 2023.

In addition to his work on the news desk, Raburu co-hosted the popular '10/10 Show' alongside Joey Muthengi.


The show, which caters to the youth and artists, airs every Friday at 10:00 pm. It offers a lively platform for dancing, fun, and interviews with various artists.

Furthermore, Willis Raburu extended his hosting abilities beyond television and had a mid-morning show of Hot 96 radio station.


In addition to appearing on TV screens during news hours and hosting his shows, Raburu made headlines two years ago when he collaborated with Rekless, Breeder LW, Mejja, and Ssaru to release the hit song 'Kalale'.

Following the success of 'Kalale', he released another song titled 'Jeshi' in 2021, this time featuring Ssaru again. However, 'Jeshi' did not perform as well as his debut song.

  1. Children’s Rights Award
  2. Maji Award
  3. Road Safety Award

Willis Raburu's dating life has been surrounded by controversial stories, with many theories circulating after his two relationships failed to work out.

Raburu proposed to his ex-girlfriend, Sally Mbilu, in 2014, but their relationship didn't work out, and they parted ways in 2016.

After his breakup, Raburu met Marya Prude Ngami, and the two got married in a church wedding in 2017.


Raburu's love story did not end there, as he rekindled his love with Ivy Namu, and the two now have two children, a boy, and a girl.

Raburu proposed to Ivy in July 2022, and she was expecting at the time.


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