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Jackie Matubia’s final meeting with Charles Ouda, impact of his death & final project

I decided not to let his dream die – Jackie Matubia speaks on project Charles Ouda worked on until death

Kenyan actress Jackie Matubia

Actress Jackie Matubia has revealed details of her last meeting with Charles Ouda on the day that the renowned actor died and how his death was a setback to a project she had been working on with the deceased.

In an interview with Mungai Eve, Matubia revealed that she met Charles at lunch time on the day that he died.

The renowned scriptwriter was working on Telenovela Toxic which will premiere on April 17 and had just submitted the third episode earlier in the morning before their luch meeting.

"He (Charles Ouda) wrote the first three episodes of TOXIC. He sent the third episode the day he died.


“It took me time to open the third episode of Toxic. He sent it in the Morning, we met during lunchtime, He died that night.” Matubia stated.

Impact of Charles Ouda's death

She added that his sudden death on February 03, 2024 was a huge blow to her as an individual and their project as Charlie had promised that he would write another show for her once done with 'Toxic'.

“That hit me because I was like what am I supposed to do now that he is not here? He told me to push and that he would write another show once am done with this Toxic.” The actress revealed.


To see the project come to life, Matubia revealed that she had to look for a scriptwriter who would fit in the deceased’s shoes.

"On Sunday he was to send me four, and on Monday he was to send me episode 5. We had to look for a script writer like him, it's been a journey.” She added.

It was the toughest two weeks of my life - Jackie Matubia

She recounted that the mourning period were the toughest two weeks of her life, noting that she even talked to his lifeless body when she went to view.


“It was tough, I remember when I went to view his body I even talked to him. It was the toughest two weeks of my life.” Matubia noted.

The actress added that she resolved not to let the deceased’s efforts go to waste and powered on to see the project come to life with April 17 being the date.

“After his burial I decided not to let his dream die, He would push you." Matubia concluded.


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