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Malik Lemuel: 'Machachari' actor who went from voiceover to TV star earning six-figure salary

Malik Lemuel, who also calls himself the 'Young Billionaire' gained fame through his portrayal of Govi in the popular local TV series 'Machachari.' At the age of 23, this talented actor has made appearances in several blockbuster series, including 'Makutano Junction,' 'Pepeta,' and 'Kutu,' to name a few.

Machachari actor Lemuel Malik

In the Kenyan entertainment industry, actor Malik Lemmy, known for his role as Govi in the popular TV drama 'Machachari,' is one unforgettable name.

At just eight years old, Malik displayed remarkable talent as an actor, setting the stage for a promising career in the industry.

Born Malik Lemuel, his educational journey took him from Our Lady of Mercy School to High Way Educational Complex, and later, to Nairobi Primary School, when he was in class five.


However, his true calling lay in the world of acting, and he embarked on this path with unwavering determination.

His journey as an actor began in 2002 when he was just two years old. According to Malik, he did a voice-over that he can't remember it's content.


In 2005, Malik's landed a role in 'Makutano Junction,' He displayed incredible talent and a natural knack for performing, and the audience quickly took notice.

Malik Lemmy's impressive acting skills have earned him roles in various local series and films.

Notably, he was also part of the cast in 'Drunk Dead' (2012) and 'Kutu'. One of his remarkable projects was 'Mawimbi', a 2022 short film directed by Mark Wambui.


This film earned a nomination at the Zanzibar International Film Festival. In the film, Malik portrays the character Kazungu, who reunites with his father after eight long years when he returns home for his mother's funeral.

In the series 'Pepeta', Malik Lemmy takes on the role of Dimory, a character that stands in stark contrast to his real-life persona.


Dimory is portrayed as a selfish and easy-going individual who values his friends and enjoys the company of the ladies.

He's the kind of person who encourages his friends to embark on adventures. This role offered Malik the opportunity to explore a character quite different from his own nature.

In reality, he describes himself as a quiet family man who doesn't seek the limelight.

Beyond his successful acting career, Malik Lemmy has experienced his share of relationships and heartbreaks.


He opened up about his romantic life, sharing details of the ladies he has dated.

His first romantic relationship began when he was 18 years old, but it came to an end after high school.

Subsequently, he met another woman in 2019, with whom he experienced the pain of heartbreak. It was a challenging time, but it also offered valuable life lessons.

In 2020, Malik entered into another relationship, which eventually became a source of disappointment.


He faced a situation where he felt disrespected, and despite the relationship having its positive moments, he decided to part ways. He described the experience as enlightening and transformative.

Malik Lemmy appreciates the growth and evolution of Kenya's acting industry over the years.


In the past, actors were often paid meager sums, but he believes that the industry has progressed significantly in terms of compensation.

He challenges the notion that Kenyan artists are underpaid, emphasising that those who understand their brand and set their priorities can earn well. Malik revealed in a previous interview that in a year, he can up to Sh5 million.


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