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Mungai Eve celebrates milestone, focuses on making history

Mungai Eve celebrated the milestone and fired up her fans to make history

Eve Mungai

Renowned content creator Mungai Eve has a achieved another milestone in less than five days after launching her new YouTube channel.

By the end of the fifth day, the YouTube channel had more than 100K subscribers with the figure growing steadily and standing at over 106K by the time this publication was made.

She took to social media to appreciate fans for the growth of her channel with her eyes now focused on crossing the 500k mark and making history.

“100K SUBSCRIBERS IN 5 DAYS🥹🥹❤️🙏.. THANKYOU !! 500K SOON! LET’S MAKE HISTORY!” Mungai wrote, accompanying the same with a video in which she reiterated her commitment to serve fans a rich array of content, focusing on stories that resonate deeply with audiences, celebrating human experiences, and fostering a community around positivity and change.


Her content was also well-received by fans with videos posted on the channel garnering impressive views.

When starting afresh, Mungai hosted Andrew Kibe in her first show, netting more than 632K views and placing her on the right path to reclaim her place with subscribers growing by the minute.

Starting all over again


Mungai Eve was forced to start all over again after parting ways with her former lover, Director Trevor who also seized the digital brand they had built over the years.

Trevor subsequently renamed their YouTube channel to Kenya Online Media and announced that Mungai Eve’s services would no longer be needed.

Afterwards, he went on a spree, churning out content on their relationship and opening up on their breakup.

Mungai Eve on the other hand chose the path of silence as Trevor had a field day sharing details of their relationship.


She suggested that some matters are better left unspoken.

"As much as you wanna address it, some things are better left unsaid. Am learning," she shared.

She eventually shed some light on their breakup, including responding to a question on whether cheating may have resulted in the breakup when she hosted Andrew Kibe.

“Who was cheating was it you or him…I suspect you must be the one who was cheating,” Kibe asked.


“You might be wrong or right” Eve responded without delving into the details and clarifying whether cheating may have contributed to the relationship’s end.

“Well I wouldn’t want to talk much about it but it is a whole lot of many things and it was meant to come to an end.” Eve explained when asked why they broke up.

For years, the pair served relationship goals as they easily mixed romance with business while minting money in the process before they parted ways.


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