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NTV presenter narrates how her Dad thought she was in Cult because of her love for Church

My dad said I was in a cult – NTV’s Grace Ekirapa

NTV presenter Grace Ekirapa narrates how her Dad thought she was in Cult because of her love for Church

NTV presenter Grace Ekirapa has for the first time disclosed that her father said she was in a cult because of how much she loved to go to church.

According to her, the father thought she was doing other things, each time she went to church.

Oh my dad said I was in a cult. Daddy I’m sorry but you said it. Because I used to go to church all the time, he thought I was doing other things,” said Ekirapa.


The Crossover 101 presenter in an interview with Switch TV's Chat spot, explained that she found comfort in church at a very young age, and would sometimes fall asleep at the pulpit, inside the church they went to at the time.

Asked why that was the case, the NTV presenter who was born of a Muslim mother said that she loved the church environment and knew Jesus lived in Church.

My mum was Muslim when I was born I went to Madrassa sat and I was hit with chalks on my forehead when I didn’t understand what they were saying. But later on my Mum got born again she was baptized before she died her soul rest in peace and after that we started going to church. But I think I was the rebellious one in a good way I was heed to go to church and this is the interesting thing about me, I found comfort in the house of God when I was really little. I used to go into the church and fall asleep at the pulpit because I knew Jesus lived in the church, I think I was around 12 or 13. I just really loved that environment,” she said.


Grace Ekirapa noted that after completing her secondary school studies, she immediately joined Bible School, a move that did not settle well with her dad.

She went on to state that the dad did not understand why she wanted to go to bible school to become a pastor of all professions. According to Ekirapa, however, all she wanted was to know more about God.

When I was in high school form 4 is when I knew I wanted to go to bible school so guess what I finished in November, January I was in class and that’s how I actually left home because my dad didn’t understand how. I’ve taken you through school to go be a pastor, how? But I didn’t become a pastor, I just wanted to know God more,” she narrated.


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