Your daughter is the problem not my hair – MCA Tricky responds to Akothee

Akothee had threatened to shave MCA Tricky's hair

Your daughter is the problem not my hair – MCA Tricky responds to Akothee

Comedian and Radio host MCA Tricky has responded to singer Akothee after she threatened to shave his dreadlocks.

In post seen by Pulse Live, Tricky who had shared a picture taken with Akothee’s daughter Rue Baby said it is the singer’s daughter who is the problem and not his hair.

He went on to ask her to deal with the problem and leave him alone.

Someone tell @akotheekenya this!!!! Word going round ati ooh sijui your daughter oooh is under siege courtesy of me, let me state it categorically, unapologetically & synergetically that this lady besides me is the #problem, so deal with the problem madam boss ,not my hair!!!! @akotheekenya!!” wrote MCA Tricky.

Shaving Tricky’s hair

A few days ago, Akothee threatened the comedian that she would shave his hair off, as she disclosed that she was aware of his alleged relationship with Rue Baby.

The President of Single mothers made the remarks after asking her Rue in a video, how her boyfriend (MCA Tricky) was doing.

"How is your boyfriend MCA tricky? Why are you catching feelings or are you shocked that I know," asked Akothee.

In the video, Akothee went on to add a caption telling her daughter that if she thought of dating, she needed to date a man with a clean shave.

The mother of five added that men who kept hair like MCA Tricky (dreadlocks) were troublesome.

" if you think of dating a man let him shave his hair please @mcatricky, you will not ask for double saloon money 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️ men with this kind of hair is troubles,” she said.


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