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Risper Faith steps out in new look after 2nd cosmetic procedure [Photos]

Socialite and content creator Risper Faith has emerged with a newfound sense of confidence and pride, showcasing the stunning results of her recent weight loss journey after a cosmetic procedure.

Risper Faith

Taking to Instagram, Risper shared her transformation, emphasising the challenges and beauty that characterized her path to a more comfortable and confident body.

Acknowledging the pressures faced by women in the public eye, Risper addressed the societal expectations that often dictate appearance and behaviour.

Despite receiving numerous positive comments about her body, she revealed that negative remarks sometimes overshadowed the positivity.

"As many of you know and understand, being a woman and well-known in the public eye comes with pro’s and con’s.


"But let’s be real, even if 1000 people tell you you look good, and one person shames you, you’ll forget the 1000 people who loved you and focus on the one hate comment. It’s life. As a woman society has made it look and feel that one should look a certain way, talk a certain way, dress a certain way and guys the pressure!!" she shared.

Using the negative comments as a motivational force, Risper embarked on a weight loss journey that she describes as both challenging and beautiful.

She turned the hate into a driving force, demonstrating resilience in the face of societal expectations.


"Naturally you’ll want to conform to this ways. You have no idea how many DM’s have received about my looks.

"But one thing about me, I’ll always turn any hate into a driving force. It’s not about what you want, it’s about what you believe and I believe I can and always will be a better version of me," she expressed.

The results of Risper's dedication and determination are evident in her latest social media posts.


She emphasised her pride in achieving a body she feels confident in. "My weight loss journey has been the most beautiful challenge I have ever done, and the results make me so DAMN proud of myself," she added.

Risper, who recently celebrated her birthday, received an outpouring of support and admiration from her fans.


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