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Private lives of the 6 men married to women governors in Kenya

These 6 county first gentlemen play an integral yet often understated role, contributing to the success of their partners' political careers while maintaining their own identities and pursuits.

Women governor's celebrate Gladys Wanga's birthday in Nairobi on March 7, 2024

Kenya has seven women governors who were elected in the 2022 General Election, up from three in 2017.

The rise of women governors marks a significant milestone towards gender equality and representation in the country.

As these women take the helm of leadership in various countries across the nation, their spouses often stand beside them, providing support, guidance, and a glimpse into the personal lives of these formidable leaders.


Away from the glare of the media, these spouses play an integral yet often understated role, contributing to the success of their partners' political careers while maintaining their own identities and pursuits.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the seven first gentlemen and who they are.

George Wanga married to Governor Gladys Wanga.


The two met at Kenyatta University where their love brewed. George was taking banking and finance while Gladys was studying a science degree.

In 2003, she was elected as the first female secretary general of the student’s Union at Kenyatta University.

They got married in 2005 and are blessed with two children.

An interesting note about the couple is that they supported different gubernatorial candidates in the 2017 elections


George openly campaigned against his wife's preference for ODM candidate Cyprian Awiti.

Instead, he threw his support behind Oyugi Magwanga who was an independent candidate.

In 2022, Wanga was instrumental in influencing the Luo Council of Elders in Kochia to endorse his wife’s gubernatorial bid.

Murega Baichu is the husband of Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza.


Baichu, a musician known for his guitar skills and panama hats, has significantly influenced the Ameru community with his artistic talents.

He got married to Governor Kawira Mwangaza in May 2018, following her 2017 electoral win as Women’s Representative.

Baichu's career is diverse; apart from his music, he is deeply involved in supporting his wife's political endeavours.

His appointment by Governor Mwangaza as the Meru Youth Service Patron and Meru Hustlers Ambassador, positions that do not come with a salary, has sparked debate among the Meru County MCAs and the public.


Critics argue these roles blur the lines between official county governance and personal relationships​​​​.

Baicu was born into a family of five and faced a humble upbringing with his parents struggling to provide.

His first marriage to Sabina Ncoro Kaumbuthu in 1992 resulted in three children.

His music career boasts Kimeru hits, including a song named Kawira in honour of his wife, among others.

Baicu also runs Baite TV and Baite Records, indicating his influence extends beyond politics into media and entertainment​​.


Sam Mburu, the husband of Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika, is a prominent businessman recognized for his wealth and extravagant lifestyle.

Known for his generosity, particularly towards boda boda riders, Mburu has established himself as a successful entrepreneur.

With strong political ties, Mburu is notably close to President William Ruto cementing his status as a significant figure in both business and politics.


His wedding in 2020 was a highlight event attended by many public figures, marking his entry into the public eye.

Mburu is not just limited to the transport sector; his business ventures include multi-million-shilling properties and he is a distributor in Nakuru town's Shabab area.

Kamotho Waiganjo is a distinguished lawyer and the spouse of Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru.

Kamotho is known for his expertise in constitutional law and has contributed to the implementation of Kenya’s 2010 Constitution as a former commissioner at the Commission for Implementation of the Constitution (CIC) between 2011 and 2015.


Waiganjo and Waiguru's relationship spans over a decade and started in a professional setting.

They initially met during a constitutional consultation conference in Likoni, Mombasa, where their discussions often turned into arguments due to differing viewpoints on the finance chapter of the constitution they were tasked to work on.

Despite a somewhat contentious start, their relationship eventually blossomed into romance, culminating in a traditional Kikuyu wedding on July 13, 2019, in Kirinyaga County. The ceremony was marked by cultural significance and attended by prominent figures, including then-President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Apart from his work as a constitutional lawyer, Kamotho Waiganjo is also known for his contributions to public discourse as a newspaper columnist, offering insights into various topical issues.


With over two decades of experience in private practice, his legal acumen spans across areas such as public law and procurement, alternative dispute resolution, and international trade law.

Kamotho and Anne Waiguru share a blended family with children from their previous marriages. They have created a unique family dynamic that respects both their individual professional commitments and their personal life.

For instance, they have maintained separate residences due to the logistics of politics and security concerns, with Waiguru finding the Kitisuru area more secure for political and safety reasons.

Waiganjo has played a supportive role in Waiguru's political career, including during challenging times such as her impeachment proceedings, where he was notably supportive.

Together, they strike a balance between their demanding professional lives and their personal time, dedicating Sundays exclusively to each other.


Dennis Apaa, the first gentleman of Embu County, is noted for his unobtrusive presence in the political scene.

Known for maintaining a low profile, Apaa stands as a businessman who shies away from public events and media addresses.

His discreet participation in public life contrasts with the political visibility of his wife, Governor Cecily Mbarire.


This strategic privacy comes amid a political climate where Apaa's origins from Teso and his marriage have occasionally been leveraged by political rivals as a focal point for debate and criticism, particularly during electoral campaigns.

Despite the political turbulence, Apaa's relationship to Mbarire has remained consistent and supportive, as evidenced by his presence at significant events such as her swearing-in ceremony at the University of Embu.

His introduction by Mbarire to the public there was met with cheers, reinforcing his role as a supportive partner, albeit one who operates predominantly behind the scenes.

Notably, he was once charged with presenting a false document and seeking to defraud the Ministry of Irrigation but was cleared of all charges when the case was dropped due to a lack of evidence.

Despite these challenges, the Apaa-Mbarire family, including their daughters and Mbarire's mother and siblings, presents a united front, illustrating resilience and the power of family in the face of public scrutiny.


Ali Kanga is the supportive husband of Kwale's newly elected Governor, Fatuma Achani. A lecturer at the Technical University of Mombasa, he specializes in the Medical Sciences Department where he focuses on immunology, microbiology, and virology.

Despite his academic background and profession, Kanga tends to keep a low public profile when it comes to politics.

Unlike many political spouses who might seek the limelight, Ali Kanga prefers a more understated approach.


He is known for his lack of public speeches, even when he accompanies his wife to events.

Kanga's background is rooted in education, beginning his journey at Tiva Magadzoni and moving on to Waa Boys' High School in Kwale. His academic path eventually led him to a teaching role at TUM, where he has made significant contributions through his research and teachings.

Fatuma Achani has acknowledged her husband as a pillar in her life, citing his guidance and support throughout her campaigns.

In her maiden speech, she expressed gratitude not only to Kanga but also to her entire family, underlining the crucial role they played in her success.


The late Dolamu Henry Oduwole, was the husband of Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti.

The couple married in 1990 after meeting in the UK where both were pursuing higher education.

Their union was celebrated with both a church wedding in the UK and a traditional ceremony in Kenya at Wavinya's Mua Hill home in Machakos.

Oduwole passed away on September 25, 2016, at The Nairobi Hospital following a sudden rise in blood pressure.

His health had been fluctuating for some time, having been admitted to various hospitals since March of the same year, including Matter Hospital, Nairobi Hospital, and even receiving treatment in London​​​​.


Oduwole hailed from a Nigerian royal family and had established vast business ventures across several countries, including London, South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya.

of Dolamu Henry Oduwole continue to inspire and resonate with many, underscoring the strength found in love, family, and communal support through the trials of life.


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