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Priest weds in colourful event, defends decision to breach the Roman Catholic rule

It was a double celebration as Father Gathang'i was ordained on the same day he walked down the aisle.

Reverend Father Edwin Gathang’i Waiguru marries long-time friend Margaret Wanjiru

Ikinu village, Githunguri, Kiambu County on Sunday witnessed a one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony as Reverend Father Edwin Gathang’i Waiguru, an ordained Catholic priest, tied the knot with Margaret Wanjira Githui

The event, attended by numerous friends and family, was characterised by vibrant and joyful celebrations.

Father Waiguru had initially served as a Roman Catholic priest before transitioning to the Catholic Charismatic church, a Roman Catholic splinter group.

The union was overseen by Bishop Patrick Mulau of Kirinyaga Charismatic Church. He emphasised that although the Charismatic Church remained firmly rooted in Roman Catholic beliefs, it deviated from Catholic tradition in allowing its priests to marry.


"We are catholic in nature that is we follow the rite as it is, the rite of ordination, the major difference here is that we allow marriage," Bishop Makau said.

The decision to marry emerged after Father Waiguru's mission in North and South America, where he felt a calling to start a family.

Upon returning to Kenya, he chose to marry traditionally. With the union, the couple welcomed two children, solidifying their commitment to one another and their shared journey.


Father Waiguru's marriage was a key milestone in his life, symbolizing his adherence to both his priestly vocation and his personal life.

Reflecting on the occasion, he expressed his happiness and pledged unwavering love and support to his wife.

"I thank God for at last making this dream come true it has been a long journey since I was baptised and joined the seminary almost 20 years ago," Reverend Gathang’i said.


On the same day of his wedding, Gathangi was ordained to advance to the level of a priest, another milestone he celebrated having achieved.

The path to becoming a priest in the Catholic Church is a deeply revered and rigorous process, marked by extensive theological education, spiritual development, and commitment to serving the Church and its community.

Aspiring candidates first undertake a period of formal education, often pursuing degrees in philosophy and theology.

Alongside academic studies, candidates participate in pastoral training and spiritual formation, which includes prayer, meditation, and spiritual exercises.


They are encouraged to develop a deep personal relationship with God and embrace a life of prayer, contemplation, and service.

Throughout their formation, they are mentored by experienced priests and spiritual directors, guiding them on their spiritual journey and preparing them for the responsibilities of ministry.

Following the completion of their education and formation, candidates may be ordained as deacons, marking a significant step towards the priesthood.


Deacons are granted limited sacramental authority and are tasked with assisting in various church duties, including preaching, administering sacraments, and providing pastoral care to the community.

Upon successful completion of the diaconate stage, candidates are ordained as priests, marking the culmination of their journey to the priesthood.

The ordination ceremony is a solemn and sacred occasion, during which the candidates make solemn vows and commitments to their faith and the service of the Church.


As ordained priests, they are entrusted with the responsibility of leading the faithful, administering sacraments, offering spiritual guidance, and fostering the growth of the Catholic community.

Catholic priests are not allowed to marry or get into any form of romantic unions although recently there have been instances of priests ditching the pulpit to get into marriage unions.


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