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Azimio supporter Nuru Okang'a addresses claims of Sonko's financial aid

Nuru Okang'a has refuted claims that he was detained in a Kayole hospital for an Sh6,350 bill.

Nuru Okanga and Mike Sonko

Nuru Okang'a, a staunch Azimio La Umoja supporter, has clarified that social media reports going around that he had been detained in a Kayole hospital were propaganda.

In a Twitter video posted by Mumias East MP Peter Salasya on Thursday afternoon, Nuru said he was well and did not receive any help from Mike Sonko, as reported earlier.

The news of Nuru's predicament quickly spread on social media after a Twitter user named Goddi_Ke shared a photo of him on Wednesday, March 22, accompanied by a caption that appealed for help from Kenyans of goodwill.


According to the post, Nuru Okang'a, a fan of Azimio La Umoja leader Raila Odinga, had been detained in a hospital in Kayole due to his inability to pay a hospital bill amounting to Sh6,350.

"Raila Odinga's supporter, Nuru Okang'a, has been detained in a Kayole hospital for failing to pay hospital bill amounting to Sh6,350. Nuru is appealing to all Kenyans of goodwill to help him clear the bill," read the post.

Many Kenyans responded to the tweet, urging Nuru to seek help from Raila himself, while others asked for information on how they could help clear the bill.


However, it was Sonko's response that stood out from the rest. In response to the tweet, Sonko guaranteed he would clear the entire hospital bill and generously volunteered to cover the family's monthly grocery needs and their children's medical coverage for one year.

He stated that he intended to help Nuru to avoid being used by politicians, despite being an Azimio supporter.

"Share his wife's number I send her mpesa to clear the hospital's bill plus do a month's shopping for the family. I also want to pay for him and his children one-year medical cover ndio aache kutumika vibaya," reads Sonko's post.


Meanwhile, other Twitter users were drawn to the post and many responded with typical humour, telling Nuru to go and ask Raila Odinga himself to help him clear the bill.

However, a section of the responses was positive; some asked for more information, including where to send in their contributions.

According to some of the responses, Nuru Okang'a was among the front-line protesters during last Monday's Azimio protests.


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