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Gangs paralyse Haiti airport & capital after PM flies to meet Ruto

Haiti has faced escalating gang violence and political instability

President William Ruto met Prime Minister of Haiti Ariel Henry, at State House, Nairobi on February 29, 2024

The once vibrant streets of Port-au-Prince on Thursday, February 29 echoed with the sounds of rapid gunfire as Haiti's capital

The recent attacks near Toussaint Louverture International Airport and Bon Repos Police Station claimed several lives, prompting airlines like American Airlines and local carriers to suspend flights indefinitely for the safety of passengers and personnel.

The shootings also resulted in the damage of a few aircraft.


This comes just hours after Haiti's Prime Minister Ariel Henry flew to Kenya for talks with President William Ruto.

“We are offering the experience and expertise of our police officers in the Multinational Security Support Mission in Haiti as mandated by the United Nations Security Council and as guided by our courts,” President Ruto said following the meeting.

Overwhelmed by the relentless onslaught of gang activity, residents are left reeling from the aftermath of indiscriminate killings, kidnappings, arson, and sexual violence.


The United Nations reports a staggering toll of over 1,100 casualties in January alone, marking it as one of the deadliest months in recent memory.

The situation is dire, with more than 200,000 people displaced from their homes, seeking refuge from the terror that grips the nation.


The roots of Haiti's turmoil can be traced back to the political upheaval following the assassination of former President Jovenel Moise in 2021.

The absence of stable governance has created a power vacuum, allowing criminal syndicates to flourish unchecked.

Prime Minister Ariel Henry's failure to address the escalating violence has fueled public discontent, amplifying the crisis further.


Socioeconomic disparities and pervasive poverty have compounded Haiti's woes, fueling resentment and disillusionment among its population.

Rampant unemployment and lack of access to basic services have left communities vulnerable to exploitation by criminal elements.

The resulting despair and desperation have pushed many to the brink, perpetuating a cycle of violence and instability.


In the face of mounting chaos, the international community has mobilised to support Haiti in its hour of need.

The United Nations, recognizing the urgency of the situation, has authorised a multinational security support mission to restore order and stability.

Kenya has pledged its assistance as the lead nation in this endeavour, offering its expertise and resources to aid Haiti in its recovery.


While immediate intervention is crucial to stem the tide of violence, long-term solutions are essential to address the underlying causes of Haiti's predicament.

Comprehensive strategies focusing on governance reform, socioeconomic development, and community empowerment are paramount to break the cycle of violence and paving the way for a brighter future.

A Kenyan court ruled the plan to send police officers to Haiti as unconstitutional, citing the lack of a "reciprocal arrangement" with the Haitian government as required by law.


This ruling has cast doubt on the initiative aimed at addressing the surging gang violence in Haiti.

Despite the court ruling, President William Ruto has expressed his determination to proceed with the mission, indicating that Haiti had formally requested assistance several months ago, and he anticipates that a request meeting the court's demands will be made shortly.

In support of this initiative, the United States has pledged significant financial support, committing $200 million to aid the Haitian national police with planning, intelligence, communications, and medical services.


This support is crucial for the mission's success and highlights the international community's role in addressing Haiti's security challenges​


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