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Itumbi stands by Jacky Maribe's innocence in high-profile murder case

Jackie Maribe and Jowie were charged with Monica Kimani's murder in 2018 after her body was discovered in her Kilimani home

Dennis Itumbi

Dennis Itumbi, the ICT Chief Administrative Secretary, has voiced his continued belief in the innocence of his friend Jacque Maribe, despite the court's decision to put her and co-accused Jowie Irungu on their defense over the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani on September 19, 2018.

In a Facebook statement on Wednesday evening, Itumbi expressed respect for the court's verdict while maintaining his disagreement with it.

He argued that no witnesses had placed Maribe at the scene of the crime and that the murder weapons did not bear her fingerprints. Additionally, DNA samples taken from Monica's house did not implicate Maribe.

"I still firmly believe in the innocence of Jacque Maribe. I respect the verdict of the court, I, however, hold a different opinion.


"Her Alibi checked out. Dramatic headlines and drama targeting a clearly innocent person will not carry the day," Itumbi wrote.

While the prosecution had relied on the testimonies of 35 witnesses, Justice Grace Nzioka ruled that there was enough evidence to put both accused parties in their defense.

“I'm satisfied that the prosecution has adduced evidence requiring to put each of the two accused persons on their defence,” Nzioka ruled on Wednesday.


Maribe said she would call four witnesses and take a stand to defend herself, while Jowie planned to call only one witness.

Maribe and Jowie were charged with Monica's murder in 2018 after her body was discovered in her Kilimani home with her hands tied and her throat slit. Both defendants have consistently denied their involvement in the crime.

Itumbi expressed confidence that justice would ultimately prevail and those responsible for Monica's death would be brought to justice.


"I also firmly believe that one day those who killed Monica will be found. My Friend, it shall be well. Justice will be served and your freedom from this case that has completely changed your life will dawn," he added.

He reassured Maribe that her innocence would be established and that she would soon be freed from the legal proceedings that have upended her life.


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