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I didn't bathe for 3 days, Babu Owino decries dishonourable treatment in police cells

Now free from police custody, Babu Owino has sent a message to First Lady Rachel Ruto and the Deputy President's wife, Dorcas Rigathi.

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino during a visit to Kihiumbuini Primary School in Westlands on July 14, 2023

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has addressed his time in police custody following his sudden arrest on the night of July 18, 2023, sending a message to President William Ruto and his administration as well as First Lady Rachel Ruto.

MP Owino insists his arrest was politically motivated, adding that how he was treated despite being a recognised political leader was deplorable.

"I was driven to the middle of nowhere and put in solitary confinement. For three days I Went without food, no access to my family, no access to my lawyers. I did not take a bath, I did not take water and that was very inhumane treatment accorded to me.

"If a member of parliament can be treated in such a harsh way, what is happening to normal Kenyans?" the MP posed.


The legislator empahsised that he will continue to advocate for Azimio Maandamano against the high cost of living, in his capacity as an elected leader.

"This government rode on the backs of hustlers and it is the same hustlers they are destroying on a daily basis. They are killing them, unleashing policemen to maim them and cause injury and that is not fair at all," Babu stated.


Recommending that President Ruto should re-read the story of King Rehoboam in the Bible and how Israel tribes protested heavy taxation, Babu warned that Ruto's administration "will go down."

"You can destroy the messengers but the message is clear, that you will go down. You may be advised by the fools around you as we always know, a leader is known by the people surrounding him. If you are surrounded by four fools, you become the fifth," the MP stated.

In a message directed to First Lady Racheal and Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua's wife, Dorcas, Babu urged the spouses to pray for their husbands, not only Kenya as a nation.

"Rachel Ruto and Bishop Dorcas, you don't need to pray for Kenya or the people, pray for your husbands. The problem is in your house, not outside the door. You are living with the problem.


"Don't go [elsewhere] to cast demons out, look near you and you will see them," the MP advised.

Pastor Dorcas is currently out of the country with DP Gachagua on an official trip to Rome.

In an update to newsrooms on Saturday, Mrs Rigathi conveyed that she had made special prayers for Kenya at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.


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