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Akothee sides with Tanzanians, disses Kenyan rappers on weak Swahili

Akothee has joined in the Kenya versus Tanzania rappers online debate that started with Khaligraph last week.

Singer Akothee

The ongoing Kenya-Tanzania rap beef has prompted Akothee to join in with her opinion on which country has the better rappers.

In a series of posts on her Instagram on Sunday, the 'Benefactor' singer made it clear that she stands with Tanzanians.


Acknowledging her significant fan base in Tanzania, Akothee appealed to her Kenyan followers not to involve her in the ongoing feud, stressing that her connection with Tanzanian fans is strong.

"Msiniite kwa vita vyenu na Tanzanians... Tanzanians ni rafiki zangu. Kwanza Wakenya mlishasema siimbi. Most of my fans are coming from Tanzania so musiniwekelee," Akothee said.


The 'Hayakuhusu' hitmaker gave advice to Kenyan artists who struggle with speaking fluent Swahili.

She suggested that they should focus on improving their Swahili writing skills so that Tanzanians can understand them better, especially during this ongoing conflict.

"Why are you quiet yet Tanzanians are insulting us Akothee?' Did you want me to provoke Tanzanians? Today you'll have to write insults in Swahili so that they can understand you well. Don't write those amusing and mixed-up Swahili phrases," Akothee responded to those questioning her stance.


According to Akothee, colourism is also a big factor in the entertainment industry. She specifically pointed out what she has observed in how Tanzanian fans judge artists based on the shade of their skin.

"Na vile wengi wa wasanii wenu ni weusi, na Tanzanians hawapendi watu weusi. Wakati huu mmeoga na maji baridi," she said.

Akothee also highlighted double standards from Kenyan fans, saying that they don't show support until it suits them.


She emphasised that she stands her ground and always fights her battles independently when they attack her on social media.

"Ile wakati mnashinda mkinitukana hapa kwenye mtandao huwa nawaita mje mnisaidie? Si huwa nang'ang'ana kivyangu nikiwa tu hapa," she said.

Rapper Khaligraph Jones posted a challenge on August 23, daring Tanzanian artists to show if their rap skills are up to par.


Khaligraph's assertion that Tanzanian hip-hop is on the decline and that only a handful of rappers remain consistent in their craft has ignited fiery responses from both Kenyan and Tanzanian artists.


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